Bathroom renovation 2021 - what is worth investing in?

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If you have been thinking about the bathroom renovation, but you are not sure where to start from - we are here to help you. In the new blog series, we will guide you through the renovation process, from A to Z. Together, we will decrypt the biggest 2020 interior trends, and we will analyse what change is worth making in your specific space and how to bring your dreams to life.

Bathroom Store crew wants to share the experience gained throughout the years of practice and advise you on how to renovate a bathroom efficiently. So let’s start from the beginning and see what to invest in this year.


Basics of bathroom renovation.

Are you getting shivers when you are thinking about the general renovation? Are you thrilled about the dust, dirt, and chaos that seems to have no end? Making plans for a long-term project is not your strength? We have good news for you then. We will guide you through the organisation and give you hints on how to plan effectively; this should reduce the stress level to the minimum.

More often than not, the to-do list of bathroom renewal consists of the appliances and fittings replacement, either due to visible signs of wear out or because of the outdated design. Therefore, it is crucial to check your current bathroom chrome accessories, such as drains, flushes, and click-clacks, which might seem such a tiny detail but actually can upgrade a whole room. But let’s start from scratch and focus on the proper background for our new appliances.

bathroom design idea and costDesigner bathroom tiles urgently needed.

Strangely enough, the wall and floors refreshing do not come up on the project to-do list that much, and we think of it as a huge oversight. Such a background refresh might change the whole appearance of our bathroom and, what’s even more important, set up the entire vision for further modifications.

Make sure that before setting for a specific style for bathtub, shower or sink you already know if and how to change your flooring and wall finishing. Modern bathroom designs merge perfectly different styles and finishings. You no longer have to choose between sleek, minimalistic surfaces and warm, delicate tones and factures. Settle on snuggly wood-like tiles for a cosier feeling, pick up some grey concrete wall & floor tiles for the ultimate industrial look, or go for an all-time classic marble pattern - your options are unlimited, your style is not restricted.

No matter what the style of your new floor and wall will be, with the best quality designer bathroom appliances, you can purchase at Bathroom Store; your relaxing space will look impeccable.

Go to another level with top-quality bathroom ceramics.

In the case of the bathroom ceramics switch, we probably don’t have to persuade anyone to invest in quality. The best products from well-known manufacturers such as Swiss Liniger or Mexen will give us years of trouble-free usage.

When choosing a bathtub, washbasin or shower tray, it is worth paying attention to the material which these items are made of. As for the conglomerate, we are dealing with a mix of high volume natural marble, whose natural chemical and physical characteristics ensure remarkable durability, as well as resistance to damage and discolouration. Contrary to popular belief, equipment entirely made of the classic ceramic material also deserves our attention. Slightly cheaper material is perhaps less pleasant to the touch than a warm, delicate conglomerate, but also works as a durable bathroom equipment, where its quality is being put into the test on a daily basis.

Freestanding bathtub and walk-in shower not exclusive for a large bathroom.

Many of us dream about a large, spacious bathroom that allows us to equip it with an eye-catching freestanding bathtub or a huge walk-in wet room screen. However, as is often the case, not everyone has such accommodation possibilities. Should the limited space limit our dreams? Are such plans impossible to implement in a slightly smaller room?

We all think that the size of your bathroom shouldn’t keep you away from getting the space you have always wanted. A large, unconventional bathtub, like sassy K09 style, may require better exposure to fully enjoy their unusual beauty. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that we can not enjoy the noteworthy design and lightness of the composition, choosing such a free-standing bathtub as the classic K29 acrylic tub or the modest K49. Simple, modern models will prove themselves not only as the focal point of a large room but also as a classic bathtub opposite to tall, although without all the heavy design around it. This solution is not only a pleasure for the eye but also the ease of cleaning and maintaining the bathtub in good condition.

What about the shower? Are we all stuck with small, narrow showers hidden somewhere in the corner of the room? Of course not! Thanks to new solutions available on the market we can create a pleasant space in any bathroom. 

If dealing with a really tiny space where every inch matters, choose a classic corner cabin, but with a smooth, perfectly transparent glass surface, like the Trivento 100 frameless bi-fold shower or Mexen Rio cabin with a black finish. These models, as well as the entire range of shower enclosures in our store, are equipped with tempered glass panels coated with Nano Easy Clean on both sides. Thanks to this, you can enjoy perfectly clean, durable and safe shower doors which, in addition to their practicality, brighten the room and give it lightness. 

In case your space is slightly larger, or simply more adjustable, go for a walk-in shower wall. It will give you an open shower space, unlimited comfort and a sense of spaciousness, so desired by all of us. Complete the modern lofty bathroom with Mexen Fox walk-in shower screen with crittall design detail, go for a classic plain clear glass Sogo 4 model or create a private shower corner with a tinted glass shower screen.

Small bathroom appliances are made for big effects.

If you want to change something in your bathroom, but you do not plan large, expensive changes, choose a small ceramic replacement. You will make the difference with small changes such as the new toilet bowl or sink.

Countertop washbasins set the tone of the whole room with their design and are enjoying their 5 minutes of fame right now. The variety of sizes and shapes available in the Bathroom Store Ireland will allow you to match the model perfectly to your style. Deep-fill oval basin for the ultimate comfort of use for the whole family, double sink for enjoyable mornings together or small bathroom sink for cloakrooms.

Adapt the toilet to your new bathroom by choosing one of the new models of toilet bowls and bidets. These items, so often negated, greatly affect the appearance of our bathroom and the comfort of use. There are no compromises here, the best design must go hand in hand with the best quality. That is why on our online store you can find complimentary bowls in bidets in a variety of styles, like Mexen Lena hanging black bidet and toilet or white Mexen Lorena styles. You can also choose a ready-to-go toilet set that consists of a Geberit installation frame and a flush button and a wall-hung toilet of your choice. The sloping slim board, rimless system and Nano Easy Clean coating used in our designs ensure extreme durability, easy maintenance, and impeccable hygiene.

Change bathroom fittings for a delicate facelift.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the so often overlooked details which are bathroom fittings like a basin tap or shower mixer. During a general renovation, when just replacing some appliances, or simply as a separate project, buying new taps can be the finishing touch you need.

Whether it will be a stylish basin faucet, or a free-standing bath faucet, or maybe a concealed shower faucet, this small move will refresh the entire room. Budget-friendly, taps and mixers upgrade can be the change you need. The smooth, chrome surfaces will sophisticate the room and will serve you well for years to come. In Bathroom Store Ireland you can find complementary sets for all of your bathroom appliances. Standardise bathtub, sink, toilet and shower accessories by choosing the one, perfect fitting style for your home.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for a bathroom makeover. One thorough, needing more planning and a bigger budget, one more of a small facelift, that will not consume too much of your finances, time and energy. We hope that thanks to our blog post you will look at your bathroom a bit differently, seeing all the possibilities that lie before you. We are sure that your future renovation brings you joy and the effects you will achieve will satisfy all your dreams and needs.


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