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Modo 8mm Walk-In Screen Tinted Glass with Chrome Profiles

SKU: G-389124-01-01

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Modo 8mm Walk-In Screen Tinted Glass with Chrome Profiles Description

The excellent Modo tinted shower screen is designed to be integrated seamlessly with a walk-in-shower enclosure. The dark tinted glass brings with it an element of uniqueness and the simplicity in design provides an excellent choice for anyone trying to update their bathroom.

  • Easy Clean Glass,
  • 2000mm in height,
  • All support bars on the photographs are included.
  • 8mm Glass
One of the newest additions are glass panel shower screens; they add a cutting-edge finishing touch that make bathroom suites look more like five star spas than every-day bathrooms. We believe that these types of shower screens, such as the tinted shower screen are the new items for modern Irish bathrooms.

Why the Tinted Shower Screen is Ideal for a Modern Home

This gorgeous tinted shower screen was designed to offer you the absolute best shower experience possible. Its tinted design allows you to feel like you are on a private, secluded getaway in the comfort of your own home. This modern unit is ideal for elegant, stylish bathroom suites due to its simple, yet cutting-edge design.


The frameless tinted shower screen is perfect for adding a dazzling finishing touch to your well-designed bathroom. Unlike other option on the market, it allows you to access your shower easily and enjoy your daily bathroom routines to the fullest. This dazzling type of shower screen is becoming the new big thing and we believe that there is no model better than the Modo tinted shower screen.

The Tinted Shower Screen Offers Many Benefits

The simple yet elegant design of the tinted shower screen is of course a wonderful benefit; however, it is not the only benefit you will receive from this quality unit. This shower screen was made to fit the needs of a modern home, which is why it offer many benefits and functions.


Long-Lasting - From the sturdy metal mounting brackets that hold this unit firmly to the wall to its strong safety glass; this unit is made to offer long-lasting beauty and functionality. Unlike other shower screen on the market; this unit will not lose its beauty, rust or require tedious maintenance for it to look gorgeous.


Space Saving - This type of unit is mounted firmly to the wall and functions as a shower screen; however, it does not have to be moved or opened to access your shower. Due to the fact that it does not have a door that opens out, it does not take up unnecessary space; making it perfect for both smaller bathrooms and spacious bathrooms.


Easy to Clean - This tinted shower screen is crafted with easy clean glass that makes your bathroom experience much more enjoyable. Unlike other shower enclosures on the market, water stains, bathroom products and other imperfections do not stick to the glass but simply slide smoothly off; leaving your bathroom suite looking fresh and clean without the need of any tedious maintenance.

We believe that its benefits and the beautiful style and feel it offers makes it ideal for a contemporary home. With this high quality tinted shower screen, you will be able to enjoy your relaxing bathroom routines to the fullest extent.