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Rectangle LED Strip Mirror

Bathroom Store Ireland


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Create extra light and brightness in your bathroom with this beautiful LED mirror. Finished with a subtle geometric design, this mirror will make the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom. The LED light is operated with a soft-touch button on the front of the mirror, while the frosted detail is edged into the reverse of the mirror. This allows for very easy cleaning while ensuring the beautiful frosted finish is also well protected.

  • Dimensions: width 80 cm, height 60 cm
  • 230V power supply
  • Lighting: 12V LED
  • Mirror pane thickness: 4 mm
  • Total mirror thickness: 29 mm
  • Power Supply: IP67 - 12V
  • 5000k Light

*Please note that this mirror has mounting holes pre-made on the rear side, but does not come with mounting hooks.