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Radaway Premium Pro KDJ Shower Enclosure - Chrome

SKU: 1015100-01-01L, 1016070-01-01

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Enhance your shower experience with our specialised solutions: made-to-measure enclosures, custom glass colour, print-on-glass, glass engraving, and non-standard options.
The Premium Pro series is a meeting of classic design, proven technical solutions and top functionality.
These distinguishing features determine the popularity and timelessness of the Premium Pro series products.

GLASS 6 MM -Safety glass, tempered with a thickness of 6 mm, compatible with standard PN: EN 12150:1.

FIXING SYSTEM -  Wall mounting system with profiles allowing levelling of the curvature of the wall.

TILTING DOOR - It is possible to unlock and tilt the door to clean the cabin.

   ROLLERS -The bottom rollers are flush-fitted with the glass pane. A flat          surface facilitates the process of keeping the shower enclosure clean.

 MAGNETIC STIP - ensures tightness of the cabin.

    ELASTOMER SEALS - resistant to temperature and     humidity changes.