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Modo New Black II Factory Wetroom Screen

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Glass Thickness

Modo New Black Factory shower enclosures are perfect for interiors inspired by New York lofts and industrial design. Black grid made of ceramic paint will underline the raw and elegant character of the bathroom. Due to the fact that geometric decoration is combined with glass in the hardening process, the shower enclosure is distinguished by durability, above-average quality and abrasion and UV resistance.

Catalogue Sheet 

Technical Drawing - 8mm Glass

Technical Drawing - 10mm Glass


8mm Glass


GLASS 8 MM - Safety glass, tempered with a thickness of 8 mm, compatible with standard PN:EN 12150:1.



    GLASS 10 MM - Safety glass, tempered with thickness 10 mm,                compatible with standard PN:EN 12150:1.


Wall Mounting Fixing System


FIXING SYSTEM - Wall mounting system with profiles allowing levelling of the curvature of the wall.


Floor or Tray Mounting

MOUNTING WITH / WITHOUT A SHOWER TRAY - This shower enclosure can be mounted on the shower tray as well as directly onto the floor.


Disabled Friendly


   Disabled Friendly