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Mete 80 LED Mirror with Magnifier

Mete 80 LED Mirror with Magnifier

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Mete 80 LED Mirror with Magnifier

Introducing our innovative Mirror with Built-In Magnifier, the ultimate companion for enhancing your daily grooming and beauty routines. This thoughtfully designed mirror seamlessly integrates a magnifying feature, adding a new dimension of precision and clarity to your daily regimen.

Crystal-Clear Reflection, the main mirror, in addition to the magnifier, offers a crisp, distortion-free reflection, ensuring you see your true self with unmatched clarity. This dual-mirror setup is ideal for tasks such as makeup application, skincare, shaving, and more.

Demisting Magic, the built-in demisting mat ensures that your mirror remains fog-free, even in the steamiest conditions. Say goodbye to constantly wiping your mirror after a hot shower ā€“ the demisting feature ensures you have a clear view, saving you time and frustration.

colour-Changing LED Lighting: Elevating your mirror experience, our mirror boasts colour-changing LEDs. With a touch of a button, you can cycle through 3 different hues or select your preferred lighting colour to match your mood or the atmosphere of your space. Enjoy a touch of sophistication with customizable lighting.

Technical Data:

Size:Ā 800x800
Light colour:Ā 3000K/5000K/6000K

Finish: Bevelled Edges
Glass Thickness(Mm): 4
Backlight: LED
Touch Switch: Yes
Touch Activated: Yes
Heating Mat: Yes
Magnifying Glass: Yes
colour Change: Yes

4mm silver mirror
Copper/lead free
Aluminium back profile
LED Strips, IP44