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Violet 80 LED Round Mirror

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Bathroom mirror with built-in Super-LED lighting based on the latest technology of even light distribution. The sandblasted and illuminated pattern around the perimeter of the mirror optimally illuminates the face in everyday use. The mirror lighting in this model has two functions: illumination of the face and illumination of the wall around the pane, which gives a peculiar decorative character to the room. Lighting is activated by touching the touch switch with your finger. The sensor is distinguished by a modern shape in the form of a blue-coloured ring outline, it changes its colour to white in the operating mode.
The power switch is always in standby mode, it has its own LED backlight, so you can easily locate it in a dark room. Disabling the standby function - the blue backlight of the switch is done by temporarily holding your finger on the switch until it goes out. The diameter of the switch is 1.5 cm.
With its sandblasted and illuminated pattern around the mirror, you will be able to locate this mirror in any environment.

Please be aware that mirrors do not come with mounting brackets.