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Black Slate Effect - Composite Lavano Shower Tray

SKU: BREX.1103.090.080.BLN

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Lavano Composite Black Shower Tray

Lavano Concrete composite shower trays create a shower zone that protects the floor against water and ensures the correct flow of water into the shower tray siphon. Lavano shower trays are very low, so they can be treated as a "tile" and flush with the other tiles in the bathroom without the need to further reduce the level of the screed. If there is a need for the shower tray to be mounted directly on the floor, it is also possible.

The shower trays are manufactured in the new Poly Lite Minerals technology, which was developed in Excellent laboratories. Thanks to this, shower trays can be cut to fit the space in the bathroom.

cut the tray

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composite tray