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Kyntos F - Black Slate Shower Tray

SKU: HKF9080-54

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Radaway specializes in providing best shower experiance. The brand offering include tailor-made enclosures, customizable glass colors, stunning print-on-glass designs, intricate glass engraving, and unconventional options for a shower that reflects your personal style. Experience the difference with Radaway, where innovation meets indulgence in every drop.

Kyntos F - Black Slate Shower Tray Description

If you're looking for an alternative to an acrylic tray, then we have the solution for you. We are now selling a range of durable slate shower trays that would be perfect for your bathroom. All trays come with pre-cut drains, and an anti-slip and anti-bacterial surface. 

These trays come in a range of sizes so they are perfect for all bathrooms. Check out this tray in anthracite, cement, and white.

Product Features:

  • Anti-Slip Certified
  • Natural Slate material
  • Can be leveled with tiles
  • Drain hole - 90mm 
  • Anti-bacterial surface 

slate tray

The shower tray is made of natural stone resin and has an antibacterial surface that facilitates cleaning. It is possible to embed the tray into the floor and flush it with the level of the tiles. Conglomerate shower trays have high-pressure resistance.


    anty slip certification


    The shower tray has an anti-slip surface.



    level with tiles


    It is possible to embed the tray into the floor and flush it with the level of the tiles.


    custom cut size


    It is possible to cut shower tray to individual sizes and shapes.


    drain hole 90mm

    Siphon is not included. The required Siphon HS1.