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KFA Thermostatic Exposed Bar Shower Set

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The Moza rain shower collection is a beautifully designed shower unit. The strong, expressive shape of the showerhead fits perfectly into most bathrooms. The ultra-thin, full metal rain disc in the premium version is an eye-catching detail.

The design of the entire product is consistent - the round disc of the rain shower fits perfectly with the cubic shape of the thermostatic mixer. The handles are ergonomically designed to ensure that they will not slip out of a wet hand. The integrated shower diverter is equipped with a lock to comfortably use the selected mode - hand shower or rain disc.

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  • Type: wall-mounted mixer
  • Material: brass
  • Control element: Thermostatic cartridge
  • Water flow [l/min]: 17.6
  • Working pressure [atm]: 3
  • Max water temperature [°C]: °90/65
  • Acoustic group: II
  • Distance between connectors [mm]: 150±15
  • Number of streams in the hand shower: 1
  • Cleaning system: easy clean
  • Hose length [mm]: 1500
  • Hose material: PVC
  • Take a look at the product specification sheet today.

  • 10 years for tightness of cast parts, 3 years for cartridges in thermostatic mixers