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Delta 21 Round Dual Flush Button Geberit

Delta 21-white
Bathroom Accessories
White Alpine
Matt Chrome Plated
Gloss Chrome Plated
  • Round dual flush button for Geberit delta system.
  • Compatible with Geberit Duofix Installation Frame 
  • Material - Plastic
  • Dimension 24.6 cm 16.4 cm  3.1 cm
  • Colour available - White Alpine, Matt Chrome Plated, Gloss Chrome Plated


The Geberit Dual Flush Button Provides Function And Style

White Geberit Delta 21

Everything is important when it comes to designing a modern, picture-perfect bathroom; from the color pallets and furnishing, to plumbing fixtures. Geberit fortunately took this into close consideration when designing their high-quality dual flush button. Although it might not seem like an important part of a bathroom, it truly is; it is used every day and its smooth performance is necessary when it comes to daily use.

Other manufacturers on the market don come close to Geberit flush plates; they not only take time in designing products that look beautiful in your bathroom, but they also put a lot of efforts in creating functional flush buttons with high-quality materials. Geberit flush plates operate smoothly and quietly, ensuring user satisfaction and their long-lasting products require no complicated maintenance; guaranteeing years of flawless performance.


Geberit Flush Plates - Perfect for a Modern Bathroom

Geberit button cad

Cutting-edge technology and furnishing is necessary for a modern, gorgeous bathroom; and Geberit flush valves are at the top of the list of avant-garde bathroom products. They feature a simple, understandable visual cue, making it easy for anyone to know instantly how to use it. It€™s soft touch buttons are easier to use and much more convenient than standard flush levers.

To use its single flush system, simply press the small button to flush liquids and large button to flush solids. It might seem a little obvious or direct but this system has a big plus; it saves thousand of gallons of water per year and each drop counts. These flush plate designs are becoming the new big thing in bathroom design and are on high-demand due to their design flexibility and functionality.

The dual flush button requires very little maintenance, for it is designed to be practically maintenance-free; however, its fill and flush valves can be easily reached and you can see its working parts in the Geberit in-wall system by simply lifting the flush plate. Furthemore, it€™s gorgeous design cannot go unmentioned; it€™s minimalist design and gloss chrome finish give any bathroom the perfect finishing touch.


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