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Sogo Frosted Shower Screen

SKU: WF9001

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The Sogo 3 Frosted Screen is a simple yet elegant option for Walk In Shower. The frozen glass adds a stunning contemporary feel to the easy clean glass screen.
  • Customised dimensions available on request,
  • Telescopic Chrome Bar (for flexible adjustment)
  • Easy Clean Glass,
  • 2000mm in height,
  • 8mm and 10mm glass available
  • Chrome bars and wall frame element seen on photographs are included in the installation kit..

Frozen Screens Are The Future Of Showers

Ideal for walk in shower enclosures, this frozen shower screen was designed to take your breath away. Although it boasts a simple yet classic design; it adds an ideal finishing touch to a modern bathroom suite. With this well-made Sogo 4 shower enclosure, you will be able to enjoy your shower and bathroom routines to the fullest.

Due to the fact that this unit has a frameless design, it gives it a more fresh, clean look and allows for easy access to your shower. Unlike other options on the market, this shower screen is made to last long in to the future and withstand years of use. Its mounting frame is made from high-quality, durable materials that ensure long lasting beauty and functionality. Due do its durable build, it will not rust or require tedious maintenance.

This frozen shower screen has frosted glass, as its name implies, that gives your shower a more personal, private feel. Instead of travelling to get away and relax; you will be able to take a small vacation in the comfort of your own home with this modern shower screen.

The Frozen Shower Screen & Its Benefits

This frozen shower screen was not only made to make a modern bathroom look gorgeous but also to offer optimal functionality. It is designed to fit all the needs of a modern home; no matter the size, style or design. The benefits this unit offers are what make it so recommendable for contemporary, well-designed home.

Space-Saving - This frozen shower screen is mounted sturdily on its side mounting brackets and held secure by dazzling chrome bars (which come included with this unit); once installed, access to your shower is direct, without the need of doors being opened and unnecessary space being used. This makes this unit ideal for spacious bathrooms and smaller bathrooms, due to the fact that it does not take up unnecessary space. With this unit, you can use the space you have in a more efficient way.

Long-Lasting - As mentioned above, this frozen shower screen is made from the highest quality of materials; from its sturdy metal framing, to its strong safety glass, it is sure to last far in to the future and offer optimal functionality for years to come.

Easy to Clean - For a modern, well-designed bathroom, an easy clean, low-maintenance shower is optimal. This unit is made from high quality, frosted glass that allows water stains, bathroom products and other imperfections to simply slide off its surface after use; this allows you to go about your day without worrying about tedious cleaning routines.

Safe - This well-made shower screen is securely installed in each bathroom and mounted strongly to the wall; ensuring your safety. The high quality glass is also made to withstand small impacts and to be long-lasting. With this frozen shower screen, you will not have to worry about your safety.