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Extension profile for Lima and Pretoria

25mm Chrome extending profile for Lima and Pretoria

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Extension profile for Mexen Lima Chrome Door & Mexen Pretoria Chrome door

Extension profile for Mexen Lima Chrome Enclosure (door part only) & Mexen Pretoria Chrome Enclosure (door part only)

Technical data:

Material: Aluminum

Length: 190 cm

Finish: Chrome

Widening adjustment: 25mm

Introducing the Extending Profile in sleek chrome. This extension profile is specifically designed for use with the Mexen Lima & Mexen Pretoria Chrome door and Mexen Lima & Pretoria Chrome Enclosure (door part only).

The Mexen Extending Profile offers a widening adjustment of 25 mm, allowing you to expand the adjustment range of your shower door. With the profile attached, your 900 mm door will now have an extended adjustment range of 918-933 mm, compared to the previous range of 893-908 mm.

Similarly, the 850 mm door, which originally had an adjustment range of 843-858 mm, will now have an expanded range of 868-883 mm with the profile added.

Upgrade your shower experience and achieve a perfect fit for your Mexen Lima or Mexen Pretoria Chrome door or enclosure by incorporating the Mexen Extending Profile.