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Double Sink

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The Double Sink is a Perfect Addition to a Modern Bathroom

This beautifully-made double counter-top basin is one of the best options for a modern bathroom suite. Its elegant, yet minimalistic design adds the perfect finishing touch to a contemporary bathroom. Made with premium white stone and a high gloss glaze finish; this double bowl sink is made to fit flawlessly into a modern bathroom and can also be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen.

This high-quality sink is made specifically with couples in mind; it allows you to complete your daily ablutions in your own personal space. With this modern inset sink, you will not have to worry about having your own space anymore; enjoy your daily bathroom routines to the fullest with high-quality, beautifully-made double sink. Its gorgeous design also adds a wonderful finishing touch to your home like no other. It€™s dazzling design and style, however, is not the only benefit you will receive from this modern double bowl sink.  

The Benefits of the Modern Double Sink

It is Long-Lasting - This modern double sink is made with high-quality materials; making it durable and long-lasting. Without the need for any stressful maintenance routines; this gorgeous sink will look dazzling and work flawlessly for years to come. You can feel confident that this well-made bathroom basin will be a wonderful addition to any kitchen or modern bathroom suite.

It is Perfect for Couples - We all need our personal space and this gorgeous double sink is carefully designed and manufactured to fit everyone's needs. As mentioned above; this modern sink will allow you to enjoy your bathroom or kitchen routines to the fullest. It does not only benefit couples however; it is also perfect for big families and shared homes.

It is Easy to Clean - If a bathroom sink is made with poor-quality materials, cleaning routines can be long, tedious, and complicated; this is not the case with this well-made, double bowl sink. Due to its high gloss glaze finish, this sink is stain-resistant and super easy to clean; simply wipe the high-quality double sink with your favorite cleaner and it will be sparkling clean again.

This beautifully-made double sink is the perfect addition to a modern home. It is made with high-quality materials and designed to perfection; making it long-lasting, easy to clean, and perfect for both modern bathrooms and kitchens. It will complement your modern home like no other and fit perfectly with other high-quality bathroom appliances.


Size: 120x48cm

Exclusive Liniger sink - made of composite material, containing as much as 75% natural ground marble, ensuring a durable and durable construction. In colloquial naming, the composite is also sometimes called as a conglomerate or mastic marble.


Length: 120 cm
Width: 48 cm
Height: 14 cm

140 mm high sink
durable construction made of cast marble
composite material containing as much as 75% natural marble
resistant to discoloration, scratches and mechanical damage
uniform, smooth surface, easy to care for
ergonomic design to eliminate contaminants
spacious chamber for the high comfort of use
innovative form recommended for modern interiors
2-year manufacturer's warranty.

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