We at the Bathroom Store Ireland understand that not all our clients are outfitting a very large space. Not everyone has huge bathrooms, and many people have small cloakrooms that they’re trying to upgrade. This collection is just for you! We wanted to make a special selection for our clients who need to be a bit more economical with their space. We have been getting a high demand for smaller models recently, and have made our best collection of smaller basins to accommodate those needs.
These models are made to accommodate even the smallest of bathrooms, so we wanted to make them fit in the tightest spaces, with plenty of space to move around and all the practicality.

Cloakroom Sink Designs and Models

The most common cloakroom basin shape is the classic square-design. This no accident! We have selected this shape as our main design because in terms of saving space but also being accommodating, the square is the ideal shape. We know that sometimes sinks can be in the corner of the bathroom suite, and the square design of these sinks is a perfect fit. Also, if the sink is not in the corner, it will still be great if put on a counter and still have vast space around it for storage or decoration.
Both the Rounded Square Stone Basin and the Stone Square Basin (K13) have slightly rounded corners for a more fluid look. We believe it adds a more spacious look, and enlarges it in perspective.
The Rounded Square Stone Basin is versatile. It can be installed on top of a space-saving cabinet, or it can be installed on its own as we demonstrate in our photos. It is beautiful in design since it combines the square shape with the rounded corners. It truly fits well with any other style of fortune or fixture. The Stone Square Basin (K13) is a bit more outgoing in terms of design and style. It has a beautifully angled bottom, which creates a sense of depth, and is also rounded at the corners to amplify the perimeter. The material used to craft it is our natural stone, which adds a beautiful organic feeling, and is glazed with a white finish. It is most beautiful when installed on a flat surface since its angles are better appreciated in that setting.
So, not only will they fit in practically any space, they will also look great and have ample space to use all the time. They are small in size, but full of style! And we believe that due to their colour they will be able to fit perfectly in any room regardless of its colour.

High-Quality Bathroom Materials

Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland we make it our priority to offer our customers the highest quality materials available. We have made all our designs out of either high-grade ceramic or natural stone.
These products are then sealed with a beautiful white glaze that gives the fixtures the glossy look everyone wants. It also protects the ceramic and the stone for further durability. This glaze also makes our products extremely easy to clean and keep clean. All you need to do is simply wipe them down with disinfectant and you’re done. No scrubbing, no buildup, no hassle. These materials last a very long time, are resistant to stains, and are sturdy and strong. They are optimal for this type of sink as well because they look nice, and are very easy to clean. The colour also makes them versatile enough to fit into any bathroom with ease. They will make your cloakroom look as great as ever!

Small Cloakroom Basin | K13


Our small cloakroom basin is perfect to make the most out of limited space in your toilet or bathroom.  Elegant yet compact design, 3 Year Warranty included with your purchase, Made from white stone, High gloss finish, Cloakroom basin.  Not Included: Tap, Waste Bottle, Waste Plug   Product Name Small Cloakroom Basin | K13 Main Colour White Brand Swiss Liniger...

Cloakroom Basin | K56


This cloakroom basin, specifically designed to fit in a limited space, provides an elegant space-conscious solution to meet your bathroom needs.  Compact size to fit in the smallest of spaces 3 Year Warranty included with your purchase Made from white stone High gloss finish Cloakroom Basin   Product Name Cloakroom Basin | K56 Main Colour White Brand Swiss Liniger Height...