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Small Cloakroom Sinks


Discover How Cloakroom Basin Can Complete Your Bathroom Space

We strive to provide some of the best cloakroom basins on the market. Varying in sizes and shapes. Each Cloakroom basin we offer are made from white natural stone and completed with a high gloss finish. Conglomerate or cast marble contains 75% natural ground marble, providing a durable construction.

Cloakroom basin have become more and more popular offering small and unique options that allow you to perfectly fit basins in small spaces. Most Cloakroom Basins are used in small toilets rooms or washrooms etc. Here at Bathroom Store we have a wide range of basin are offer extra quality and durability with Nano coating shield to improve your basin life span and Easy Clean feature also.

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Mexen Mini 405mm Basin InezMexen Mini 405mm Basin Inez
Mexen Mini 405mm Basin Inez
€113.00 €116.00
Mexen Mini Tabletop Basin OlaMexen Mini Tabletop Basin Ola
Mexen Mini Tabletop Basin Ola
Mexen Mini Viera 400mm Basin - WhiteMexen Mini Viera 400mm Basin - White Close Up View
Mexen Mini Viera 400mm Basin - White
Mexen Mini Hugo 400mm Basin - WhiteMexen Mini Hugo 400mm Basin - White
Mexen Mini Hugo 400mm Basin - White
€100.00 €116.00
Mexen Mini 450mm Basin InezMexen Mini 450mm Basin Inez - Tap on Left
Mexen Mini 450mm Basin Inez
Small Cloakroom Basin | K13Small Cloakroom Basin | K13
Small Cloakroom Basin | K13
€121.00 Sold out
Tabletop Cira BasinTabletop Cira Basin
Tabletop Cira Basin

Nano Coating and Easy Clean Technology

Nano Coating is a new revolutionary innovation in the bathroom industry. Nano coating is used as a protective shield over the entire basin. Easy clean allows your sanitary ware to stay cleaner for longer while repelling typically what you would find when cleaning your bathroom. Here are some features:

  • Water repellent
  • Smoother Surface
  • Oil
  • Dirt
  • Limescale
  • Scum
  • Other dry particles

Conglomerate Material Basins

We know that renovating a bathroom can be expensive, that's why when designing your modern bathroom space, choosing the right material can save you money in the long run.

  • Discoloration resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Mechanical damage resistant
  • smooth surface
  • easy in everyday care
  • Eliminating of dirt

Other important features we offer at Bathroom Store is that each cloakroom basin comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase. So, if your wanting to design your modern bathroom with long-lasting durable products, research Cast Marble to get more information on how to get your bathroom space lasting a lifetime. 

So even after years of use, they will last a lifetime and they will remain intact, without any jags, chips, or cracks. What's more, their exceptionally smooth surface is not only very easy to clean, because it stops the accumulation of all kinds of dirt.

We that not all our clients are outfitting a very large space. Not everyone has huge bathrooms, and many people have small cloakrooms that they’re trying to upgrade.

This collection is just for you! We wanted to make a special selection for our clients who need to be a bit more economical with their space. We have been getting a high demand for smaller models recently, and have made our best collection of smaller basins to accommodate those needs. 

These models are made to accommodate even the smallest of bathrooms, so we wanted to make them fit in the tightest spaces, with plenty of space to move around and all the practicality.

Cloakroom Sink Designs and Models

The most common cloakroom basin shape is the classic square design. This is no accident! We know that sometimes sinks can be in the corner of the bathroom suite, and the square design of these sinks is a perfect fit. Also, if the sink is not in the corner, it will still be great if put on a counter and still have vast space around it for storage or decoration.

Both the Rounded Square Stone Basin and the Stone Square Basin (K13) have slightly rounded corners for a more fluid look. We believe it adds a more spacious look and enlarges it in perspective.

The Rounded Square Stone Basin is versatile. It can be installed on top of a space-saving cabinet, or it can be installed on its own as we demonstrate in our photos. It is beautiful in design since it combines the square shape with the rounded corners.

It truly fits well with any other style of fortune or fixture. The Stone Square Basin (K13) is a bit more outgoing in terms of design and style.

It has a beautifully angled bottom, which creates a sense of depth, and is also rounded at the corners to amplify the perimeter. The material used to craft it is our natural stone, which adds a beautiful organic feeling, and is glazed with a white finish. It is most beautiful when installed on a flat surface since its angles are better appreciated in that setting.

So, not only will they fit in practically any space, but they will also look great and have ample space to use all the time. They are small in size, but full of style! And we believe that due to their colour they will be able to fit perfectly in any room regardless of its colour.

High-Quality Bathroom Materials

Here at the Bathroom Store Ireland, we make it our priority to offer our customers the highest quality materials available. We have made all our designs out of either high-grade ceramic or natural stone

These products are then sealed with a beautiful white glaze that gives the fixtures the glossy look everyone wants. It also protects the ceramic and the stone for further durability. This glaze also makes our products extremely easy to clean and keep clean. All you need to do is simply wipe them down with disinfectant and you’re done. No scrubbing, no buildup, no hassle.

These materials last a very long time, are resistant to stains and are sturdy and strong. They are optimal for this type of sink as well because they look nice, and are very easy to clean.

The colour also makes them versatile enough to fit into any bathroom with ease. They will make your cloakroom look as great as ever!