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Recessed Basins


An inset basin is a highly fashionable, contemporary choice for any bathroom. These basins sit level with your countertop and result in a neat, flawless look that’s both simple and striking.

One of the great points about an inset basin is that they look great, no matter what sort of bathroom style you’ve chosen. While they look great in contemporary settings, they work just as well in traditional bathrooms.

Referred to as undermount or under counter basins, an inset basin creates a sleek finish to any bathroom. At the Bathroom Store, we stock an extensive range of inset basins for you to choose from to create your perfect bathroom -- no matter what your style. You can find inset basins in a range of prices and styles to suit your needs.

Countertop or basin sink?

If you’ve already got a counter worktop area installed, you’re going to have to consider what kind of sink is most appropriate. Largely, this comes down to you and your style. The two main options to explore are inset basins and countertop basins.

Inset basins, however, are the ideal choice if you want to save on space and give your bathroom a more minimalist look. With the main part of the bowl out of sight, you have more space on the countertop for bathroom items. This creates the feeling of a more spacious bathroom, ideal for someone low on space.

Recessed or Semi-Recessed

The term inset basin, of course, merely refers to the fact that the basin is in the bathroom. You can choose however where exactly the basin goes either recessed or semi-recessed.

As the name suggests, a fully recessed basin sits entirely in the top of the counter. This usually sits level with the surface of the countertop surface. It can even be installed slightly lower, creating a small lip. Whatever style you choose it will add a strong minimalist streak to your bathroom.

Semi-recessed basins on the contrary sit a little out from the countertop surface. With a semi-recessed basin, there is a small exposed section. This looks great and allows extra storage.

At the Bathroom Store, we have a full range that we are sure will meet your space and interior vision. We know how important it is to have the right feeling in your bathroom and are willing to do whatever it takes to make your space truly unique.

What to consider?

As with any major installing in your home, there are a few things to consider. There are variations on each style of basin, so you’ll need to decide if you want a rounded or square basin, for one thing. We recommend you measure your space so you know exactly what you’re working with.

The cost is another important factor. The Bathroom Store has a wide variety of basins for all price ranges, but don’t forget that fixtures (taps, etc) can add up quickly.

Check out our full range of inset basins at the Bathroom Store or visit in-store.