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AURA Round LED Mirror

SKU: Aura 60cm

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Demister Pad

AURA Round LED Mirror Description

Bathroom mirror with built-in Super-LED lighting based on the latest technology of even light distribution. The peculiar nature of the mirror is the rear lighting that creates a glow around the pane, casting a delicate glow on the room.

The lighting is activated by a 4 LED touch switch. Thanks to the Super Led Light technology, we have obtained natural, white, glare-free light with minimal energy consumption.
Light colour: 5000K
230V - 15W
LED Strip Life: 70,000hrs
Energy Class: A ++
Rating IP67

Lighting system only around the pane. 4 LED touch switches are the most modern among sensors. The switch activates the mirror lighting with one touch of a finger. It is distinguished by a modern shape in the form of a white wedding ring. The power switch is in standby mode all the time, it has its own LED backlight, so you can easily locate it in a dark room. The diameter of the touch is 1.5 cm.
With its energy class of A++, you can rest assured that you are not wasting your time, money and energy bills buying this product.

Please be aware that mirrors do not come with mounting brackets.