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Wash Basins


Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we love to offer our clients a wide variety of high quality natural stone bathroom basins. Our beautifully crafted wash basins are modern, sophisticated, and versatile; and will add the perfect finishing touches to any modern bathroom.

*Please note that all basins are sold as a single item. Taps, click-clacks, and additional fittings are sold separately.

Mexen Lorita Countertop WashbasinDimension For Mexen Lorita Countertop Washbasin
Mexen Lorita countertop washbasin
Mexen Briana Countertop WashbasinDimensions For Mexen Briana Countertop Washbasin
Mexen Briana countertop washbasin
Mexen Editta Gray / Stone BasinMexen Editta Gray / Stone Basin
Mexen Editta Gray / Stone Basin
Mexen Felicia Washbasin BlackMexen Felicia Washbasin Black (Dimensions)
Mexen Felicia Washbasin Black
Basin Mexen Stella Recessed Basin MexenBasin Mexen Stella Recessed Basin Mexen
Mexen Stella Recessed Basin
Basin Mexen Atena Square Recessed Basin MexenBasin Mexen Atena Square Recessed Basin Mexen
Mexen Atena Square Recessed Basin
Basin Mexen Eva Countertop Washbasin MexenBasin Mexen Eva Countertop Washbasin Mexen
Mexen Eva Countertop Washbasin
Washbasin Mexen Mila Washbasin MexenWashbasin Mexen Mila Washbasin Mexen
Mexen Mila Recessed Basin
Basin Small Bathroom Sink | K73 Bathroom Store SelectBasin Small Bathroom Sink | K73 Bathroom Store Select
Small Bathroom Sink | K73
€130.00 Sold out
Mexen Alba Countertop Washbasin - WhiteMexen Alba Countertop Washbasin - White
Mexen Alba Countertop Washbasin - White
€160.00 Sold out

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we have various ranges of basins including; pedestal, wall hung, counter-top, cloakroom and recessed basins in various different shapes and sizes to complete any bathroom space. 

Here at bathroom store we are dedicated to bringing the customers of Ireland the best stone basins products on the market. With stone basins, we have a basin to match any type of bathroom space, may it be traditional or contemporary, there is something to cater to everyone's needs and expectations.

Our basins are manufactured of natural stone countertop basin, natural stone is becoming the premium standard in modern bathroom designs, but without the worry of breaking the basins or excess weight

Other advantages of natural stone are, that it’s very durable and long-lasting In terms of strong quality materials and 75% natural marble resistant to discolouration, scratches and mechanical damage giving each customer the best basins that stand the test of time, making the best decisions easy, without ease. 

We would like to make our customers happy with every purchase, and for that reason we strive to cater to all different tastes and preferences. We value quality, craftsmanship, and durability, and our goal is to incorporate these criteria in all the products that we sell. 

Stone Basins for Modern Bathrooms

Since our high-quality stone wash basins come in such diverse sizes and designs, they will go perfectly in any space regardless of its size or style. Displaying a beautifully crafted, glossy white stone sink will impress anyone who sees it.

The white gloss finish is used to seal the natural stone makes cleaning your bathroom sink as easy as 1-2-3. Forget the hassle of hard-to-reach places, and welcome you to a spotless bathroom sink that will make your bathroom shine. As they do come in a variety of sizes, you will probably find a top-quality stone sink that fits perfectly in your personal oasis, no matter how small or large it is. 

Everyone likes feeling luxurious. It relaxes us, making us feel at home, and brings a sense of satisfaction every time. But why do we feel like we have to go on holiday or to a spa or nice restaurant to feel this way? Why not make our own space feel just as luxurious, so that sense of lavishness greets us in the morning and at night? 

You can accomplish that in your own bathroom. It is much simpler than you might think. Styling and furnishing your bathroom is a fun thing to do, especially when there are so many beautiful options for you to choose from right here on this site! 

Creating the perfect mood in a space only requires you to choose the items that make your space look and feel a certain way, and we believe that our products are versatile enough to create any mood and to match any style.

Top Picks for Contemporary Stone Basins

Of course, we can recommend many different models and designs, but it really comes down to what you want. But, we do want to talk a little about some of our bestsellers to give you a bit of an idea of how other people have incorporated our beautiful bathroom sinks into their modern space.

  • Bathroom Wash Basin | K29: If you are in search of something a little larger than the average bathroom sink, the K29 is a great option. Its geometric shape, its beautiful faucet, and its practically invisible drain are some of its best features. Not to mention the abundant space you’ll have!
  • Designer Basin | K49: This is a perfect model for people who need to be a bit more economical with the space they have. It is smaller in dimension than the K29, but it is still ample; and it comes with a practical and useful shelf underneath, creating an extra place to put essential products. 
  • Free Standing Sink | K25: A great option for people who do not want to crowd their bathroom with a large counter and sink, the K25 has all you need to install it and go! Its beautiful fluid design and perfect height make them invaluable in any space. They are also great for guest bathrooms or powder rooms since they occupy very little space, yet make any bathroom look beautiful.
  •  Stone Bathroom Sink | K52: This is an amazing model that includes a contemporary sleek and geometric design giving the customer everything they need in terms of design functionality. The K52 comes with a beautiful slopped orientation inside the basin bowl allowing the water to have a natural fall in plug hole with a small side shelf allowing to place all your essentials without cramming clutter all over your bathroom space. If our looking for clean cut luxury, The K52 is what you need.
  • Stone Sink | K39: If you're looking for something with geometric orientation shapes and angles the K39 is something to consider when designing your modern bathroom space. The K39 uses a rectangle shape with angled lines from each corner of the basin with no tap hole or overflow showcasing the contemporary options to match any bathroom style.