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Horos Bathroom Radiator & Towel Rail


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Horos Bathroom Radiator & Towel Rail Description

The Horos series is a well-known and popular line of bathroom radiators, valued primarily for minimalism and universal use, regardless of the interior style. The products are characterized by a simple shape with classic profiles arranged horizontally. The structure of profiles placed flat between vertical collectors means that the radiator protrudes only 8 cm from the wall.
The availability of various sizes makes it possible to use this model in both small and larger rooms. A great advantage of the radiator, which allows it to be installed in large bathrooms, is its high efficiency. The optimal arrangement of the tubes allows you to hang textiles on it to dry. The Horos will therefore be perfect as a year-round towel dryer.

Horos White Towel Rail

Technical Details

Width: 500mm

Weight (kg) : 8.9
Capacity (dm 3 ): 2.76
Working temperature (° C) : 95
Working pressure (MPa) : 1.0
Material : Low carbon steel
Capacity 90/70/20 (W) : 523
Capacity 75/65/20 (W) : 418
Capacity 55/45/20 (W) : 224

Horos black towel rail in white bathroom