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Vital Toilet bowl with seat for people with reduced mobility


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Vital Toilet bowl with seat for people with reduced mobility Description


Soft-close toilet seat included

The set includes a slow-closing seat. Thanks to special cushioning stoppers, the seat goes down slowly and does not hit the bowl. Thus, it prevents damage and eliminates unnecessary noise. A set of a toilet with a seat makes you avoid the need to search for these elements separately and thus save valuable time.


Hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene confirming the product's compliance with safety standards

The attestation given by the National Research Institute - the National Institute of Public Health of PZH ensures that the products covered by it meet the highest hygiene requirements. They are safe for both health and the environment.


Hard and durable ceramics does not lose its properties with long use

Ceramic products are characterized by special hardness and endurance. They have high colour durability and do not absorb smells. The surface of ceramic products does not discolour and looks as new even after long use.


Antibacterial coating, preventing the growth of microorganisms

The antibacterial coating prevents the development of microorganisms and promotes hygiene. Thanks to this, we can avoid many infections. The antibacterial coating is also an ally in everyday cleaning.


Dedicated cleaning agent, safe for cleaned surfaces

The use of dedicated agents means that the surfaces do not deteriorate and remain smooth for long, facilitating another cleaning. A specially selected composition removes the most common dirt very effectively. On the other hand, the preparations are delicate for a given type of surface (metal, granite, ceramics and others), without entering into chemical reactions with them. The preparations are biodegradable and thus safe for the environment. With Deante cleaning products, keeping things in order will be very easy!

Product specification

Series Vital
Finish white
Material ceramic
Type wall-mounted
Rim type rim
Hidden mountings Yes
Width [mm] 368
Length [mm] 680
Height [mm] 380
Mounting holes spacing / axis [mm] 180
Toilet seat included
Additional features toilet seat included
Finish white
Material duroplast
Slow-close toilet seat Yes
Width [mm] 375
Length [mm] 445
Quick seat detachment Yes
Antibacterial Yes

Files to download

File type File name Extension Download
technicalDrawing CDV_6WPW.pdf pdf Download
instruction CDV_6DOZ_manual.pdf pdf Download
instruction Instrukcja piel%C4%99gnacji - ceramika.pdf pdf Download
model3d CDV_6DOZ.3ds 3ds Download
model3d CDV_6DOZ.dxf dxf Download
model3d CDV_6DOZ.obj obj Download
model3d CDV_6WPW.3ds 3ds Download
model3d CDV_6WPW.dwg dwg Download
warrantyCard Deante_Gwarancje_Warranty-od-18_05_2021-_19287.pdf pdf Download
hygienicCertificate Atest-PZH-Ceramika.pdf pdf Download
declaration Declaration of performance toilet sets.pdf pdf Download