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Silia Granite washbasin countertop


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  • Only the best materials, the quality of which has been confirmed by laboratory tests

Properties of Deante granite: resistance to impact, high temperature, discolouration, thermal shock

The granite composite is a combination of quartz sand and resins in perfect proportions. Thanks to this, our washbasins are resistant not only to impacts, but also to high temperature (250 °C), discolouration and thermal shock. They do not absorb odors and have hydrophobic properties, repelling water particles. Granite composite is elegant and timeless, and thanks to a wide range of colours it harmonizes with the equipment of each bathroom, both classic and modern.


Dedicated cleaning agent, safe for cleaned surfaces

The use of dedicated agents means that the surfaces do not deteriorate and remain smooth for long, facilitating daily cleaning. A specially selected composition removes the most common dirt extremely effectively. On the other hand, the preparations are delicate for a given type of surface (metal, granite, ceramics and others), without entering into chemical reactions with them. The preparations are biodegradable and thus harmless for the environment. With Deante cleaning products, keeping things in order will be very easy!


Hydrophobic properties repel water molecules

Hydrophobicity is one of the natural granite features, very desirable in the bathroom. The surface of the washbasin rejects water particles, which is why the drops are easily running down and taking dirt particles with them along the way. All this makes cleaning the basin much easier and it is not necessary to scrub or use specialized detergents.


The Colour enriched with silver ions adds antiseptic properties

The antiseptic surface made by Deante was created utilising advanced nanopartite technology using the highest purity silver ions. Add the solution of this metal at the production stage to the mass, from which the sinks are formed later. As a result, it is evenly mixed throughout the product, allowing to achieve durability and efficiency that significantly exceeds the parameters of using only the top coating.

Product specification

Series Silia
Colour nero
Material granite
Installation method countertop/standing
Height [mm] 120
Depth [mm] 105
Antibacterial Yes
Hydrophobicity Yes
Without overflow Yes

Files to download

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technicalDrawing CQS_XU4S.PDF PDF Download
instruction pielegnacja_umywalki_brodziki_granitowe_care_granite_washbasins_trays_manual.pdf pdf Download
instruction Instrukcja piel%C4%99gnacji - umywalki i brodziki granitowe.pdf pdf Download
instruction Umywalka nablatowa_manual.pdf pdf Download
model3d CQS_XU4S.3DS 3DS Download
model3d CQS_XU4S.dxf dxf Download
model3d CQS_XU4S.obj obj Download
warrantyCard Deante_Gwarancje_Warranty-od-18_05_2021-_19287.pdf pdf Download
hygienicCertificate Atest-PZH-Zlewozmywaki-granitowe.pdf pdf Download
declaration DWU umywalki EN.pdf pdf Download