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Italic Bathroom Radiator & Towel Rail


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Italic Bathroom Radiator & Towel Rail Description

Italic bathroom radiator is an excellent choice for people who appreciate unconventional design, modern style and timeless functionality. The availability of sizes and colours allows the heater to be used in various bathrooms, regardless of their size and style.
To meet the expectations of our customers, in this model we decided to combine the original, decorative design of asymmetrically arranged profiles while leaving two horizontally arranged profiles. Thanks to this, the radiator combines a modern look with functional functions, e.g. the possibility of hanging a towel on it horizontally.
An electric heater can be connected to the Italic radiator, thanks to which the device can function as a year-round towel dryer. We recommend Excellent electric heaters, available in three colours: mat black, white and grey metallic. The universal ZS connection in Excellent radiators makes it possible to use integrated valves with a spacing of 50 mm or valves mounted on vertical collectors with a spacing of 470 mm.

Grey radiator with chrome valve in light grey bathroom

Technical Specification:

Capacity (dm3 ) : 6.99
Working temperature (° C): 95
Working pressure (MPa) : 0.8
Material: Low carbon steel

950mmx500mm - available in Grey, White and Black

1130mmx500mm - available in Grey, White and Black

1310mmx500mm - available in Grey, White and Black

black radiator from excellent in white bathroom with dark elements