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Glass canopy with undermount supports

SKU: CN-U-1200

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Glass Canopy with Transparent glass

A glass canopy is a type of architectural feature that provides protection from the elements while allowing light to pass through. Glass canopies can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing shelter for building entrances, creating covered walkways, or creating outdoor spaces for commercial or residential properties.

The delicate look though was accomplished by using durable materials, like 13 mm tempered safety glass and top-quality steel grinders. This product proofs that you no longer have to choose between modern design, top quality, and safety.

Sizes available (mm):

1200x900; 1600x900; 1800x900; 2000x900; 2500x900; 300x900

*The width is fixed at 900mm for all visor sizes.

Custom sizes available on request 13mm and 17mm thickness

Laminated using EVA foil

Available with black and chrome support arms

Technical data:

  • Glass thickness: 13mm
  • Glass type: laminated tempered VSG (safe glass)
  • Steel - SS304T
  • Finish: transparent
  • Girders: set of 2 for sizes 1200-2000 mm/length; set of 3 for sizes 2500-3000 cm/length
  • Mounting kit: included (screws and dowels for concrete walls)