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Florida Cargo Basket

Bathroom Store Ireland

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Florida Cargo Basket 

Furniture is an inseparable element of our bathrooms. Each of us chooses those that are both stylish and functional. On the one hand, we store textiles, cosmetics, detergents and other chemical products in bathroom cabinets, on the other hand, they are to be a designer accessory and decoration that harmonizes with ceramics and fittings. The Florida cargo basket is the ideal unit to add extra storage to your bathroom. 

  • Collection: Floryda
  • Dimensions - width - 505 mm
  • Dimensions - height - 542 mm
  • Dimensions - depth - 390 mm
  • Color: White
  • Varnished plate

The sleek and compact design fits seamlessly with the vanity unit, maximizing space utilization. With the option to choose from 4 different countertops, you are able to add your own unique look to your bathroom.                       

The cargo basket is adapted to be combined with a worktop.