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Orion Floor Mounted Toilet with Tornado Flush

SKU: CTC3023

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Dimensions: 665x360x840mm

Colour: White Glossy

Rimless: Yes

Soft-Closing Seat cover: Yes

Material Of Product: Ceramic

Type: Standing

Tornado Flush

Some features of Tornado Flush:
NOISE REDUCTION: The way water flows into the bowl in a swirling motion
causes a noise level that is over 50% lower than in the case of
conventional toilets.
UNIQUE RINSE SYSTEM: Strong swirling is produced in the conical-shaped bowl
water effectively removing dirt.
FLUSHING EFFICIENCY: Reduction of deposits, dirt and limescale.
MINIMIZE WATER CONSUMPTION: The toilet uses only 4.5 liters with a large flush and just 3 liters with a small flush.
NO SPRAYING: Controlled swirling of water prevents splashing and
ensures rinsing of almost the entire internal surface.