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Classi Seal for Showers & Baths


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Classi Seal is a self-adhesive and permanently flexible upstand which acts as secondary seal between the ledge of a shower tray or bath and the wall. Classi Seal must be fitted to the wall touching sides of the tray or bath before it is set into its final position.

The upstand sits above the ledge of the shower tray or bath by 30mm and is tiled or wall panelled over. Classi Seal can accommodate vertical movement of at least 15mm and still maintain its seal.

What size do I need?
We have several roll sizes to avoid unnecessary waste. The length of roll corresponds to the wall touching sides of the shower tray or bath. Example; for a 1000mmx1000mm shower tray with two side installation you will need 2m of Classi Seal

For use in any room where there is running water such as showers, bathrooms, kitchens and more.