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Classi Plus - Flexible Waterproof Tape For Showers & Baths


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Sealing your tiles against water damage is one of the most important steps to take when tiling. Too many times we have seen water leaking through areas that have not been sealed sufficiently, causing much damage to homes and businesses at great expense. Classi Plus is the perfect solution to protect against water damage, guaranteeing to be 100% waterproof.

Classi Plus is similar to the original Classi Seal, acting as an additional or secondary seal to protect the area between the wall and your shower or bath. With its fleeced outer layer, Classi Plus is fully compatible with both tile adhesive and sealing liquid. 

The upstand (area of fleece to tile over) of Classi Plus is 70mm taller than the Classi Seal, meaning there is more flexibility to work with smaller tiles, such as subway or mosaics. 

Classi Plus is flexible, waterproof, and can adapt to suit any area to be waterproofed in your home. If you decide to waterproof the entire area around your shower, shower tray or bath, then using Classi Seal will be your choice. It should be applied in one continuous strip and is flexible to mould around corners and edges. 

Available in lengths of 2m, 2.5m, and 3.2m, Classi Plus will ensure you can enjoy a watertight bathroom for many years to come.


Check out the Classi website for everything you may need to know and to view their very informative video tutorials.