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Chrome Rectangular Wall Shower Arm

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Chrome Rectangular Wall Shower Arm Description

The shower arms are a solid fixture for showering. They are used to install the rain shower at the height of your choice in such a way that the connections are not visible and hidden in the wall. In the center of the metal tube, water is led through the rain shower. The Mexen brand offers a wide variety of shower arms. They have a round or rectangular cross-section, different length and bend angle, as well as color - chrome or black. It is a purchase for people who give up a ready-made shower set and instead choose individual elements on their own. The Mexen shower arms are adapted to the rain shower of the same brand. In this way, you can create a minimalist, but at the same time very aesthetic set that matches a modern bathroom and other bathroom propositions by Mexen.

Technical Details

Material : S304 stainless steel
Finish : chrome
Mounting type : wall mounted
Length : 40 cm
Width : 30 x 18 mm
Standard 1/2 "connection
Bend angle of the arm : 90 °
The surface is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion