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Wet Room Waterproofing Tanking Kit


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This Kit is all you will need to waterproof your shower area for DIY or professional work.

Easy to apply kit for treating showers before tiling. It provides tough and long-term protection against leaks and guarantees the protection of absorbent substrates in damp or constantly humid environments. It contains enough to waterproof a standard shower. Covers up to 4m².


It includes:

The Botament D1 Speed bonding primer is 1kg. This primer is multi-functional. It is rapid drying, can be diluted in a 1:2 ratio and can be used for both absorbant and non-absorbant substrates.

The Botament DF9R sealing membrane is 5Kg. This sealing membrane has high elasticity, open to vapour diffusion and is solvent free.

The Botament BD sealing self-adhesive tape 5m. It is Flexible, Highly tear-proof, Self-adhesive and Self-welding.


Installation instructions :

1. The surface must be Clean, Dry, with no loose particles, firm, and free of grease: paint and separate Agents.
2. Prime Timber or existing tiles with Boatament D1 speed and allow to dry.
3. Apply Botament DF9R with a roller to the corner, joints and connections. When still fresh, fix Botament DB tape into moist Boitamnet DF9R compound. Overlap any connections wear tape is visible
4. Apply two coats of the rest of the area to seal. Allow drying time 4 hours between coats.