If slim, clear glass panels are your thing, our range of sliding shower doors will please you to the core!


Sliding shower doors are a fantastic addition to any bathroom

Sliding shower doors are a fantastic addition to any bathroom, no matter what your style. With a sliding shower door, you can easily make a smaller room much bigger. By not having to open out a door, installed sliding shower doors maximise the space you already have, creating a better flow to your bathroom.

Additionally, you can add a side panel which creates even more showering space.

At the Bathroom Store, we stock a range of options we are sure will meet your needs.

Trips to the spa are probably few and far between these days but a sliding shower door makes you feel like you’re at a day spa. A well-installed sliding shower door can add an element of simple sophistication to any bathroom. They save on space and give the feel of a well-designed bathroom.

Quick and easy to clean

A sliding shower door is incredibly simple and easy to clean. Simply slide them out, spray, and wipe down with your cleaning product of choice. Their installation will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the bathroom (and we all know how long that can be!).

What’s more is that they don’t even need to be cleaned with any heavy-duty chemicals. In fact, there’s no need for bleach-based products on sliding shower doors at all. All you need is a simple glass cleaner, water, and a cloth. Easy!

Save money now, make an investment

Sliding shower doors are also far superior to a simple shower curtain. Many people prefer to get a shower curtain because it’s cheaper. We can’t deny that a shower curtain is much cheaper than a durable sliding shower door.

However, though a curtain might save you money now, in the long run, they can become unsightly with mold. You’ll be forced to replace your curtains many times in the same space of time you’d still have a reliable set of slider shower doors.

No more wet floors

On top of that, you can guarantee that you’ll spend far less time mopping up after showers with a well-installed sliding glass door. How often has a shower curtain just dripped water all over the floor? A lot we’ll bet. Even a hinged shower door can cause excessive water spillage, particularly if you don’t have a standard shower shape.

Sliding shower doors eliminate the danger of spilled water all over the bathroom floor. You’ll reduce your cleaning time and, you won’t have to worry about slipping and injuring yourself on a wet tile floor.
Affordable improvement
A sliding shower door is an affordable way to breathe a bit of life back into your bathroom. To entirely remodel your bathroom could cost thousands, but a sliding shower door is a great affordable alternative. You won’t believe what a difference you’ll feel from such a simple change.

Customised for you

You probably have some idea of what a sliding shower door would look like in your home. Perhaps you think it won’t match the style or even fit in your bathroom. That’s where you’re wrong.

At the Bathroom Store, we want to make sure our customers feel they’re getting something that’s uniquely their own. That’s why sliding shower doors are customisable to the space you already have. A customised door can cost a little extra but it will maximise your bathroom space tenfold.

Save yourself money and time spent cleaning, and invest in a fashionable sliding shower door. At the Bathroom Store, we have a wide selection for you to choose from today.

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