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Shower Mixers


Shower mixers are the unit attached to the wall, connecting your overhead rain shower and/or your handheld shower head to the water pipes. The shower mixer will regulate the water temperature and pressure, either using two separate valves or one lever.

The temperature is usually fixed at 38 degrees C to ensure against scalding. Some shower mixers will also have a connection to use with your bath, or even have a feature of a bath tap.

We have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, so you're bound to find the right shower mixer to match your shower set today.

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Mexen Slim Shower MixerMexen Slim Shower Mixer
Mexen Slim Shower Mixer
Starting at €98.00
Mexen Cube 2-Outlet Shower MixerMexen Cube 2-Outlet Shower Mixer
Mexen Cube 2-Outlet Shower Mixer
Starting at €150.00
Mexen Kai Bath MixerMexen Kai Bath Mixer
Mexen Kai Bath Mixer
Starting at €179.00
Mexen Kai 2-Outlet Shower MixerMexen Kai 2-Outlet Shower Mixer
Mexen Kai 2-Outlet Shower Mixer
Starting at €140.00
Mexen Fabia Shower MixerMexen Fabia Shower Mixer
Mexen Fabia Shower Mixer
Starting at €65.00
Mexen Cube Shower MixerMexen Cube Shower Mixer
Mexen Cube Shower Mixer
Starting at €147.00
Mexen Caro Shower MixerMexen Caro Shower Mixer
Mexen Caro Shower Mixer
Starting at €60.00
Mexen Uno Bath MixerMexen Uno Bath Mixer
Mexen Uno Bath Mixer
Starting at €125.00
Mexen Royo Bath MixerMexen Royo Bath Mixer
Mexen Royo Bath Mixer
Starting at €117.00
Mexen Lynx Bath MixerMexen Lynx Bath Mixer
Mexen Lynx Bath Mixer
Starting at €130.00
Mexen Libra Bath MixerMexen Libra Bath Mixer
Mexen Libra Bath Mixer
Starting at €158.00
Mexen Diamond Bath MixerMexen Diamond Bath Mixer
Mexen Diamond Bath Mixer
Starting at €186.00
Mexen Cube Bath MixerMexen Cube Bath Mixer
Mexen Cube Bath Mixer
Starting at €203.00
Mexen Aries Bath MixerMexen Aries Bath Mixer
Mexen Aries Bath Mixer
Starting at €173.00
Mexen Zero Shower MixerMexen Zero Shower Mixer
Mexen Zero Shower Mixer
Starting at €102.00
Mexen Sabre Shower MixerMexen Sabre Shower Mixer
Mexen Sabre Shower Mixer
Starting at €81.00
Mexen Royo Shower MixerMexen Royo Shower Mixer
Mexen Royo Shower Mixer
Starting at €94.00
Mexen Pecos Shower MixerMexen Pecos Shower Mixer
Mexen Pecos Shower Mixer
Starting at €95.00
Mexen Milo Shower MixerMexen Milo Shower Mixer
Mexen Milo Shower Mixer
Starting at €98.00
Mexen Lynx Shower MixerMexen Lynx Shower Mixer
Mexen Lynx Shower Mixer
Starting at €119.00
Mexen Lua Shower MixerMexen Lua Shower Mixer
Mexen Lua Shower Mixer
Starting at €73.00Sold out
Mexen Kama Shower MixerMexen Kama Shower Mixer
Mexen Kama Shower Mixer
Starting at €86.00
Mexen Kai Shower MixerMexen Kai Shower Mixer
Mexen Kai Shower Mixer
Starting at €128.00
Mexen Cetus Shower MixerMexen Cetus Shower Mixer
Mexen Cetus Shower Mixer
Starting at €110.00