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Discover Our Beautiful Pedestal Basin For Your Bathroom

These delightful pedestal basins are one of a kind on the market in Ireland today, and we love the way they look in a modern bathroom suite. With contemporary design and beautifully crafted, our pedestal basins are the perfect fit for any bathroom. whether you need to be more economical with space, or you simply love the look of these pedestal basins. 

Their size is compact and convenient. They are designed to have the perfect amount of space for optimal comfort and usability.

They are also very self sufficient in the sense that they do not need to be installed on a counter-top. Not only does this eliminate the presence of a bulky vanity or counter.

It is also allows you much more freedom when it comes to where you can install your pedestal basin.


Apart from being mounted on the floor, these pedestal basins eliminate many of the aesthetic problems that other sinks have. For example, due to their design, pedestal basins hide all the unsightly pipework needed for the basin. They are all installed within the base of the pedestal sink, therefore making your bathroom look seamless.


Our Contemporary Pedestal Basins Are Made With The Best Materials

The materials used in all our bathroom products are very high quality, and the materials used in our pedestal basins don’t fall behind. Our pedestal basins are made from beautiful natural white stone, and are completed with a gorgeous white glaze finish. This not only ensures long durability, but also keeps the pedestals beautiful the whole time. 

Also, the white gloss glaze and white stone pairing make for a very versatile and elegant looking product. Making these basins, like all our products, the perfect fit for any and every bathroom. One of the biggest advantages apart from making the pedestal basins look amazing is that the white glaze finish actually makes the basin very easy to clean and sanitise.

Pristine Pedestal Basins Make Cleaning A Breeze

Since disinfecting and cleaning your sink is essential, we thought of incorporating a glaze that is both resistant to stains. Additionally easily wiped down with your favourite cleaner. We do recommend staying away from very abrasive chemicals in order to keep your basin looking nice in the long run. Other than that you’re free to clean it as much as you deem necessary for that elegant glossy sparkle.


In this collection of full pedestal basins you will find a variety of designs. We strive to provide products for everyone’s different preferences and necessities, in hopes to make every customer a happy one. This means we offer different sizes of pedestal basins, different shapes, and different designs. You will find that some of our basins are squared, such as the Free Standing Sink 

K25; and others are round, such as the Free Standing Basin | K28.

We hope that you will be able to find the perfect match for your bathroom in this collection. So we also add more contemporary designs such as that of the Stone Pedestal Sink | K58

Pedestal Sinks Breed Versatility

As you can tell, we love versatility and malleability here at the Bathroom Store Ireland. So, in addition to all the wonderfully different designs we offer you. We also like to give you additional flexibility when it comes to the taps you can use. That is why we restrain from including taps on our pedestal basins.

We know that we all have different preferences. To find your favourite tap to install into the already available tap hole that comes in every basin. These days there are so many styling options when it comes to fixtures that we know you definitely have your favourites.

We know how much a simple detail such as a tap can change the look and style of a bathroom. Which is why we believe you are the best person to choose your favourite tap. Adding your personal style to things is definitely essential. So we encourage you to add your own personal touch to these basins!

Apart from being ultra-versatile and beautiful, these modern pedestal basins look and perform wonderfully in any bathroom. No matter how big or how small it is. Due to their compact design they are perfect for smaller washrooms and guest bathrooms. They work beautifully in larger bathroom suites too!


Our Toilets, Tubs and Showers Make Perfect Pedestal Basin Partners

In addition to this, since our pedestal sinks are made from natural white stone and gazed with a white glossy finish. They work in perfect unison with our other bathroom products.

Our free standing baths, wall hung toilets, and back to wall toilets are all the same colour and finish as our pedestal wash basins. so we encourage you to outfit your whole bathroom with your favourite selection of our high quality bathroom products!

We offer you the same type of designs for all our products; elegant, timeless, modern, versatile, and beautifully crafted.

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Stone Pedestal Sink | K58

Bathroom Store Select

€419.00 €410.00


Free Standing Sink | K25

Bathroom Store Select

€510.00 €415.00

Freestanding Sink Unit | K19

Bathroom Store Select

Pedestal Wash Basin | K22

Bathroom Store Select

Freestanding Basin | K28

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