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Gold Bathroom Collection

Gold accessories and fittings are increasingly popular in the bathroom world today. Subtle gold accessories such as taps, mirrors, shower enclosures, click-clacks and even toilets, adding a touch of gold will add glamour to your bathroom.
157 items
Mexen Lea Toothbrush HolderMexen Lea Toothbrush Holder
Mexen Lea Toothbrush Holder
Starting at €20.00
Mexen Lea Single Towel RackMexen Lea Single Towel Rack
Mexen Lea Single Towel Rack
Starting at €38.00
Mexen Lea Soap Dish - ChromeMexen Lea Soap Dish - Gold
Mexen Lea Soap Dish
Starting at €22.00
Mexen Lea Single Round Towel RailMexen Lea Single Round Towel Rail
Mexen Lea Double Towel RailMexen Lea Double Towel Rail
Mexen Lea Double Towel Rail
Starting at €59.00
Mexen Aron Toilet Brush - Chrome Mexen Aron Toilet Brush - Gold
Mexen Aron Toilet Brush
Starting at €69.00
Mexen Aron Soap Dish - Black/Chrome Mexen Aron Soap Dish - Black/Gold
Mexen Aron Soap Dish
Starting at €53.00
Mexen Aron Soap Dispenser - Chrome Mexen Aron Soap Dispenser - Gold
Mexen Aron Soap Dispenser
Starting at €61.00
Mexen Aron Toothbrush CupMexen Aron Toothbrush Cup
Mexen Aron Toothbrush Cup
Starting at €53.00
Mexen Aron Towel HookMexen Aron Towel Hook
Mexen Aron Towel Hook
Starting at €32.00
Mexen Aron Single Towel RingMexen Aron Single Towel Ring
Mexen Aron Single Towel Ring
Starting at €62.00
Mexen Aron Double Towel RailMexen Aron Double Towel Rail
Mexen Aron Double Towel Rail
Starting at €131.00
Mexen Aron Single Towel RailMexen Aron Single Towel Rail
Mexen Aron Single Towel Rail
Starting at €80.00
Mexen Aron Toilet Roll HolderMexen Aron Toilet Roll Holder
Mexen Aron Toilet Roll Holder
Starting at €42.00
Taps Black Bathroom Tap | B10 MexenTaps Rose Gold Bathroom Tap | B10 Mexen
Mexen Rumba Bathroom Tap | B10
Starting at €83.00
Taps Bathroom Mixer Taps | NB-28 MexenTaps Bathroom Mixer Taps | NB-28 Mexen
Mexen Estrella Mixer Taps | NB-28
Starting at €143.00