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Our team at the Bathroom Store Ireland has been working to compile all our best modern bathroom basins taps into one beautiful, seamless collection for the benefit of our clients. We have done our utmost best to provide Bathroom Store customers with the highest quality bathroom basins taps available on the market today - we hope you find the bathroom of your dreams here.


Basin Taps Amazing Features

We have put together this collection which includes:

  • Monobloc taps
  • wall mounted
  • pillar taps
  • mixer taps

We also provide a range of various colour including:

  • Chrome plating  
  • White enamel  
  • Matte black 
  • Gold

One of our goals which we strive to achieve is to offer you a wide range of different models to accommodate everyone’s preferences. 

Monobloc technology is nowadays the most common taps in the industry. Monobloc taps are amazing useful. Traditional taps were usually two separate taps were the first tap was specifically for cold water and the second tap is specifically for hot water. 

This can lead to excessive water bills. Another reason why traditional taps are a thing of the past is because usually you only get very hot water or very cold water, there is no inbetween, often leading you to mix your hot and cold water in the sink. With monobloc you can mix to your ideal temperature. 

Monobloc is also known as a mixer tap and essentially a monobloc usually uses only one tap that mixes the hot and cold water uses a single spout with usually one tap handle. Monobloc has becoming increasingly popular, not only because of style and how great these taps look, but because you can mix hot and cold water right away without having to fill your basin with your preferred temperature. Allowing you to find your perfect temperature each time your use it. 

Here at Bathroom Store Ireland we have a wide range of monobloc taps ranging from chrome, matte black, gold, and white enamel. We have something to fit everyone's tranquil bathroom space. 

Anti Corrosion technology

Each one of our taps we offer in Bathroom Store come with some amazing features to keep your bathroom as up to date as ever. Each tap offered come with corrosion resistance. Over the years, if you don’t regularly clean your bathroom tap corrosion can eventually destroy your tap, ultimately leading to a replacement.  

It is common to say that every few years, bathrooms generally are updated simply because products were not as durable as they are now. New innovations in sanitary ware have allowed us to keep our bathrooms lasting longer while still looking as beautiful the day they were installed. Look for Bathroom Store to complete your modern bathroom space. 

36 Month Warranty For All Bathroom Taps

To ensure customer satisfaction with every purchase we offer a 36-month warranty on all basin taps offered at Bathroom Store. We offer this because we stand over our products, giving the customers the best options in the market when it comes to style and long-lasting durability. Each tap comes with corrosion resistance which is one important factor when deciding on what’s best for your modern bathroom. 

Durability and High Quality Materials

Adding finishing touches to complete your bathroom space is essential. With taps, this can just be as important of a decision when styling your modern bathroom space. Here at bathroom store, we have provided quality choices, so rest assured, bathroom store has what you need at the best prices in Ireland.

Here at Bathroom Store all of our bathroom taps are made from the highest quality materials in the market. each tap is made from brass which is the industry standard for all basin taps. Brass is a excellent conductor of heat and is very durable lasting a life time.

We ensure that every single material used to create these taps is of the highest quality, longest durability, and most contemporary looking. Our team also makes sure all the styles are original, contemporary, elegant, and simply gorgeous.

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Chrome Monobloc Tap | C20

Bathroom Store Select

Black Wall Mounted Taps | WMB04

Bathroom Store Select

Gold Bathroom Taps | WG-236

Bathroom Store Ireland

Chrome Wall Mounted Taps | WG-239

Bathroom Store Ireland

Black Tap | NP-30 | Wall Mounted Tap

Bathroom Store Ireland

Wall Mounted Sink Taps | NP-31

Bathroom Store Ireland

Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps | Huayi WG230

Bathroom Store Ireland

Wall Mounted Basin Taps | WG-232

Bathroom Store Ireland

Mixer Tap | WG25

Bathroom Store Ireland

High Rise Basin Mixer Taps | WG23

Bathroom Store Ireland

Basin Mixer Taps | WG22

Bathroom Store Ireland

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