This wall hung toilet is one of Ireland's most beautiful and is sure to add a touch of class to any bathroom.

  • Made from white, vitreous ceramic
  • Includes toilet pan, pan fitting kit, soft close seat
  • 5-year warranty
  • Long lasting, high-quality materials
  • Ireland's most-popular design. 



    Toilet, Wall Hung


    L35 Square Seat


    Soft Close Seat, Wall Hung Toilet

    Toilet Seat Material



    UK Standard Concealed Cistern Frame, 180mm Frame








    This wall hung toilet is one of our most compact designs here at the Bathroom Store Ireland. It is ideal for any space, but it is most convenient if you seek to outfit a smaller bathroom.

    Its smaller proportions are, of course, more economical in terms of space (in comparison to our other wall hung toilets), and they offer a lot of additional space around the toilet.

    Ireland's Favourite Wall Hung Toilet

    Made from high quality white vitreous ceramic and finished with a beautiful high gloss glaze, this wall hung toilet is made to last, and to look beautiful the whole time.  

    It is conveniently stain resistant, and is easily cleaned in a matter of minutes. In short, this wall hung toilet does not demand much maintenance, but when the time comes to sanitise it, it is easier than ever to do so thanks to its white gloss glaze finish.

    Since all that is exposed is the elegantly designed and crafted toilet pan and seat, this wall hung toilet does not demand much attention in a room, but it is eye catching enough to make a beautiful accent in any bathroom suite. Not to mention, its innovative design makes it a beautiful addition to any modern washroom.

    As you can see, there are no apparent plumbing components (S or P traps or cistern) visible on our wall mounted model. This is because all it needs is the Geberit Duofix concealed cistern, which lies within the wall on which the toilet is mounted.

    This Geberit Duofix system has all the toilet needs in one package: Dual Flush technology for optimal convenience and comfort, plumbing components such as the toilet’s cistern and trap, and the toilet’s mounting brackets.

    This wall hung toilet also features Soft Close Seat technology, protecting your ears and the toilet seat/toilet pan from any damage caused by the smashing toilet seat – a problem which is much too common in other toilet models.