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Trivento 400

Shower enclosure
Door Side*
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The Trivento 400 is a hinged U shaped shower which provides a stand alone shower solution for your bathroom. The excellent Trivento 400 features a contemporary design which is sure to bring class to any modern bathroom. 

  • Stand-Alone Shower Enclosure
  • U Shaped
  • Hinged
  • Glass Thickness- 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)
  • Available in various widths and lengths
  • Height - 1950mm
  • Universal Fitting
  • 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls

For a modern home, it is more than important to take even the smallest details in to consideration to have a space that is not only comfortable but also fully functional. Although a bathroom suite might not seem like an important part of a home, we do use it on a daily basis, meaning that if you have a bathroom suite that is gorgeous and welcoming, you will be able to enjoy your bathroom suite to the fullest extent.

We believe that a shower is one of the most essential parts of a bathroom, making it more than important to have a unit that is elegant, well-made and high-quality. This dazzling hinged shower is exactly that. It was designed to add comfort and class to your bathroom suite. With its stand-alone design, it will allow you to enjoy your daily bathroom experience more than ever.

The Benefits of the Hinged Shower Screen

The Trivento 400 is ideal for a modern, well-designed bathroom suite, due to the fact that it offers not only beauty and class, but optimal functionality, performance and a handful of benefits that will enhance your daily comfort. The benefits this hinged bath screen offers are what make it so recommendable for a modern home.

It it Versatile

We understand that not all bathroom suites are similar. Each individual has her or his personal preferences when it comes to the style, design and feel of their bathroom. This is why this hinged shower screen was designed to be a perfect addition to any and all types of bathrooms. Its simple yet elegant design allows it to look gorgeous with other well-made bathroom furniture pieces, mix beautifully with all color pallet varieties and look well-placed in all sizes of bathrooms.

With the Trivento 400 you will finally be able to style and create the bathroom of your dreams with a high-quality well-made hinged shower screen. Your comfort and satisfaction is more than enssured with this unit.

It is Long-Lasting

For a modern bathroom suite, there is nothing better than a shower that will look gorgeous and work flawlessly far in to the future. Due to the fact that this unit is made with the highest quality of glass, the most refined and sturdy framing and strong mounting brackets, it will last long in to the future and offer beauty and optimal functionality for years to come without the need of tedious maintenance.

It is Safe

Safety is always more than important in a home, and this high quality hinged shower door was made to offer not only comfort but safety. This unit has sturdy framing and mounting brackets, and is made with nano tempered glass. Its door, strong towel rail and side panels are made to withstand years of daily use. With this well-made hinged shower door, you will be able to enjoy your shower to the fullest extent and feel confident that you are always safe.

It is Easy to Clean

There is nothing better than an easy-maintenance shower. Cleaning routines are not always enjoyable, but with this unit, you will not have to worry about cleaning any longer. The Trivento 400 is made of nano tempered, easy clean glass that does not require tedious cleaning for it to look gorgeous. To have this unit looking as good as new, simply wipe it once with a towel and all imperfections will simply slide off its smooth surface.  

The comfort, quality functionality and benefits this hinged shower screen offers makes it perfect for a modern home, no matter if it is new or old. Although we offer a large variety of shower screens here at Bathroom Store Ireland, we believe that this unit is more than ideal for an elegant bathroom and that it will satisfy all your needs for years to come.

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