This beautifully manufactured stone sink accentuates our collection's modern feel with a sloping design, perfect for a contemporary bathroom.

  • Angled basin gives modern feel,
  • 3 Year Warranty included with your purchase,
  • Made from white stone,
  • Made with a high gloss finish,
  • Counter-top basin.

Not Included: Tap, Waste Plug, Waste Bottle


Product Name

Stone Sink | K39

Main Colour



Swiss Liniger







Sink Type

Basin, Counter Top





No Tap Hole, No Overflow, Counter Top

Waste Outlet Location



Waste Outlet Diameter



Waste Outlet Width



Waste Required





Bathroom, Cloakroom, En Suite

Tap Hole Location



Tap Hole Diameter



Tap Hole Outlet





Basin Only


This exquisitely unique counter top stone sink is carved from natural stone. It makes a beautiful compliment in any contemporary bathroom suite of moderate to large size.

No other wash basin shouts modernity and chic style like a white natural stone sink; and this one takes a high prize in state-of-the-art design among our wide range of stone basins.

Skilfully created from a single piece of stone (naturally white) and completed with an opulently high quality white glossy glaze, it radiates with contemporary style and lavish high quality materials.


This Stone Sink Adds a Touch of Refined Modern Beauty to Any Bathroom

Though it is moderate in size, this stone sink demands attention in a subtle but definitive way, so styling your bathroom in a unique and timeless way becomes an easy task.

As a beautiful example of the ever-so-popular classic and minimalist style, our stone wash basin model is all the rage among our fine customers. It emits timelessness and elegance, but it possesses a modern feel to it, so it is perfect in your modern bathroom.

Its beautifully gradient wash area, its precise angles, and its attractive geometric shape makes for one harmoniously composed bathroom basin that is definitely one of a kind of stone basins on the market today.


This Stone Bathroom Sink is a Must Have!

It is crafted from the finest quality materials : Sinks crafted from a single natural stone are coveted due to their durability and great functionality. So, we decided to compose this collection which includes stone wash basins and bathroom sinks of that exact sort, because we know you deserve the best.

It is space saving : though it is a counter top mounted basin, it allows movement and space around it, making it easily accessible. It also allows much useful space around it for storage or other purposes.

It is easy to clean : the high quality glossy white glaze finish used to cover our stone basins makes the stone wash basin (and all our other wall hung and pedestal basins) super easy to clean!