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Slim White Square Shower Tray

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Slim White Square Shower Tray

Every bathroom is different when it comes to its size, roominess, and design. That is why we have selected a Mexen Slim square white shower tray that comes in a variety of sizes, fitting all the different needs.

The acrylic composition ensures durability and lightweight, while its classic square shape fits even small bathrooms with limited shower space. The reinforced tray's bottom allows it to be more sturdy, giving you the firmness you expect.

Product specification:

  • Slim acrylic structure
  • Tray height - 50 mm
  • Tray depth - 15 mm
  • Waste diameter - 90 mm
  • Waste trap not included

    Tray sizes (measurement in millimetres):

    • 700 x 700
    • 800 x 800
    • 900 x 900

    This square shower tray is a minimalist-style a high-gloss finish compatible with a large number of the showers we have on offer at the Bathroom Store Ireland.

    • Made from durable acrylic material,
    • Available in various sizes

    When designing a modern, elegant bathroom suite; a quality shower tray should not be forgotten. Due to the fact that shower trays are the literal foundation for daily cleansing routines; it is more than important to find a unit that will not only look gorgeous but offer optimal functionality.

    This dazzling square shower tray was designed to complete a modern Irish bathroom suite faultlessly. It is made with the highest quality of durable acrylic and boasts a simple yet elegant square design. Its smooth white surface is finished with a high gloss glaze that leaves it shimmering. This square shower tray will add a fresh, organized feel to your bathroom suite like no other.

    The Square Shower Tray & Its Benefits

    Although a shower tray might not be the first thing on your must-have list for your modern bathroom, finding a shower tray that fits your needs is actually more than important. A well-made shower tray will ensure that the performance of your shower will be optimal and that you will not have to experience any functional issues. Shower trays offer many benefits to a modern bathroom.

    Prevention of Water Leakage - We all know how water leakage can turn something small into a big problem. If water continues to leak on a bathroom floor it can stain it or completely destroy it depending on the floors materials. Having a high quality, well-made shower tray prevents these types of disasters from happening.

    Unlike other shower trays on the market, this square shower tray is made to manipulate waters natural path with its slightly tilted design, to lead it directly to the drain. This means that you will never have to worry about leaks soaking your freshly cleaned floor and possibly causing accidents.

    Versatility - This gorgeous square shower tray is made to fit all types of bathrooms; no matter their size, style or design. We offer this unit in various sizes so you can choose what is ideal for your bathroom suite. All of the shower trays we offer on our site can also be paired beautifully with the high-quality shower enclosures available. They blend seamlessly with other modern bathroom furniture pieces and add a dazzling finishing touch to a modern bathroom suite like no other.

    Waste Trap Not Included