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Small Cloakroom Basin | K13


Our small cloakroom basin is perfect to make the most out of limited space in your toilet or bathroom. 

  • Elegant yet compact design,
  • 3 Year Warranty included with your purchase,
  • Made from white stone,
  • High gloss finish,
  • Cloakroom basin.

 Not Included: Tap, Waste Bottle, Waste Plug


Product Name

Small Cloakroom Basin | K13

Main Colour



Swiss Liniger







Sink Type

Bowl, Cloakroom





No Tap Hole, No Overflow, Cloakroom

Waste Outlet Location



Waste Outlet Diameter



Waste Outlet Width



Waste Required





Bathroom, Cloakroom, En Suite

Tap Hole Location



Tap Hole Diameter



Tap Hole Outlet





Basin Only


This dazzling small cloakroom basin is the perfect fit in a contemporary bathroom suite of smaller size. It truly shows that you don’t have to have a large bathroom to have a luxurious bathroom. It all depends on the way you style it; and with this small cloakroom basin you’ll easily achieve any look you want.

Crafted from natural white stone, and completed with a beautiful white high-gloss glaze, it radiates elegance and high-end quality. Not to mention that its design represents minimalist elegance and timelessness, regardless of its small size.


Achieve The Perfect Bathroom Look -  Small Cloakroom Basin

This model is one of our most popular stone countertop basins amongst our clients with small washrooms. This beautifully designed and created cloakroom basin is only available here at your loyal store; so if you’re looking for a beautiful modern bathroom basin for your small luxurious bathroom, you came to the right place!

Our stone basins aren’t just pretty to look at, they are also:

Made from the finest quality materials : we know that you value high quality and durability as much as we do, so we only offer  cloakroom basins (and wall hung basins) made from the finest materials available. In addition to this, its fine materials make the unit very easy to clean and keep spotless and radiant!

Nothing states “elegance and luxury” like a natural white stone bathroom wash basin, and no other washbasin is as space saving, yet indulgent like this model is.

It saves space : thanks to its perfect minute dimensions, and the fact that it is one of our vanity units, it is quite the space-saver. It allows much movement around the unit, and it leaves the perfect amount of space around it for storage and/or decoration; and additionally leaves room for a second washbasin of the same model!

It is contemporary in design : not all space-economical bathroom sinks are both beautiful and small; but this unit’s rectangular angles and its beautifully flat edges come together to form one pleasantly stunning bathroom basin. Not to mention that the colour is great in any style of bathroom!

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