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Sliding Shower | Lorenzo 5
Sliding Shower | Lorenzo 5
Sliding Shower | Lorenzo 5
Sliding Shower | Lorenzo 5

Sliding Shower | Lorenzo 5

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The Lorenzo 5 sliding shower offers a simple, elegant design perfect for a minimalist contemporary bathroom. The sliding door mechanism adds to this modern overall feel and provides excellent functionality and use of space. 

  • Sliding shower enclosure with side panel,
  • Glass thickness - 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)
  • Door and Panel lengths available in various dimensions
  • Height - 1950mm
  • Universal Fitting
  • 20mm Adjustment for out of true walls


In this collection of shower doors we have a variety of different styles, these Sliding Doors are one of the most sophisticated in design and in functionality we offer. The beautiful sliding opening and the priceless frameless look they have are surely one of a kind on the market today.

One of the best features these shower doors have is its modern and highly functional design and craftsmanship. They look seamless because they don have any heavy framing, and the small bits of beautiful metallic accents they do boast make the doors appear in the form of fashionable details instead of bulky hardware-lie framework.


The sliding feature is always as smooth as silk, and you will always be able to enter and exit your cozy shower in a seamless way (yes, including those hard mornings when nothing seems to go your way). Additionally, when the time comes to clean your shower, it will be very easy to slide in and out with ease while you tidy up.


Speaking of tidying up, this Sliding Shower is extremely easy to clean, and we mean it! Thanks to its tempered Nano Technology glass, your shower will never look a notch under spotless because this type of glass only requires a quick wipe-down after your use it, and it will remain clear all day, everyday. This is another of our client favourite features that these Sliding Shower doors, because one of the most important things in a bathroom is cleanliness.


Our Sliding Shower comes in different sizes, meaning that you can order your Sliding Shower ensemble in different lengths and sizes to better fit your existing shower base/flooring. But if you are looking to outfit your entire shower with high quality, durable products, we have a beautiful selection of shower trays and bases, and we encourage you to browse our collections to find the perfect ensemble for you!

Sliding Shower | Lorenzo 5
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