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Shower Set | SM-23 | Chrome and Glass Shower


What the SM-23 | Perfect to Complete Your Modern Shower Space

Renowned, stylish, elegant, ergonomic, practical, universal - all these features can no doubt describe the SM-23. The thermostat will prevent an unexpected change in the water temperature, ensuring comfort and the ceramic head will ensure durability for many years.

It is perfectly finished and impresses with its appearance. In the package, all the elements necessary for proper assembly.

The SM-23 includes a integrated shelf to place cosmetics, and comes complete with a glass finish, making it easy for cleaning. Comes with a silicone hose making it very durable, ensuring long lasting life span. Another great feature of the SM includes an adjustable rail for the rain water head, allowing you to adjust the height according to what your preference is. Simply loosen the profile which is mounted to the wall to get your correct adjustment, and once this has been chosen, simply tighten the handle. 


SM-23 features include:

  • Color: Chrome / Glass
  • Material: Brass
  • Acoustic Class: II
  • Flow Class: C, B
  • Rain shower: ULTRA SLIM 2 mm Adjustable with AntiCalc system (easy cleaning rain shower holes)
  • Handset: AntiCalc system (easy cleaning of earphone holes)
  • Diameter of the rain: 25 cm
  • Earphone: 2-streaming
  • Directional valve: switches between the rainwater and the handset
  • Thermostatic shower with a ceramic head
  • Includes: rain shower, earphone, headphones and rain shower attachment, mounting, cams, rosettes.
  • Height adjustment of the shower arm
  • Wall mounting
  • Integrated shelf for cosmetics or cosmetics with a glass surface

SM-23 Shower Set Perfect for Completing Your Modern Bathroom Space

It is a contemporary design - The SM-23 follows a beautiful contemporary minimal design showcasing style and luxury. Including a double hose system, both handheld and a overhead round rain shower head catering for all needs.

Made from the highest quality materials - Made from solid brass, with chrome plating and completed with a high gloss and glass finish. Combining the best quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting life. 

Easy to clean - With this shower set, you won’t have to worry any longer. Due to its high gloss finish and chrome plating, is 1staining resistant and incredibly easy to clean; simply wipe with your favourite cleaner and it's immaculate once again.

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