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BR9 Premium Acrylic Shower Basin

Shower Tray
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This unique rectangular shower basin is an excellent fit for any modern bathroom and can be installed either within the floor or above. The sloped profile means that this shower tray is ideal for water runoff to the stylish chrome drain. 

  • Made from durable acrylic material,
  • Available in various sizes,
  • Height 50mm


If you€™re looking for a one of a kind shower basin (a.k.a. shower tray), you€™re on the perfect page! This Shower basin is the most modern on the Irish market today, and will make any bathroom suite look amazing.


Installing bathroom furniture that represents your personal style not only allows you to be represented in every single room of your modern home, but it will bring a smile to your face knowing you have your dream bathroom right there in your own home!


With its beautiful shape and contemporary design, its perfectly engineered gradient slope, and its leak proof craftsmanship, this Shower Basin is a must have in any modern bathroom. We are sure you won be able to find something so perfect for your contemporary bathroom on the market.


Get Your Dream Shower Using this Great Shower Basin


This Shower Basin is made from the most durable and high quality acrylic material available, and therefore will continue to strive throughout its whole existence. This is a major benefit because you will be able to have the shower of your dreams for many years to come.


Thanks to this perfect material, this Shower Basin will also be 100% leak free, it will be resistant to any breakage or damage; and thanks to its meticulously precise design, it is practically impossible for any stains or grime to begin to stain anywhere on or around your shower.


Additionally, this basin is so easy to install that you can install it in your bathroom on your day off without even disturbing your much needed rest! Your task is easily completed in a matter of moments, and all you are left to do is enjoy your completely transformed bathroom.


As you can see, visually this Shower Basin is contemporary and €œNew Generation€? style, but that doesn mean your whole bathroom must be this style. You can easily add accent pieces with the same contemporary style, and your bathroom will look more than amazing. Plus, we just want to make a point about how amazing its drain is! It looks absolutely amazing, and you€™re sure not to find anything like it on the market today, so don hesitate to add this beautiful piece to your cart.

Waste Trap Not Included

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