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Slate Shower Tray

Shower Tray
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This stunning square shower tray has a distinctly modern feel which will go brilliantly well with a similarly modern shower enclosure. This classic composite shower tray has been finished with a matte slate pattern. It gives a unique, interesting character that will diversify the bathroom finish. Make sure you don't miss the full effect of your new shower enclosure by purchasing a less than up-to-date tray!

  • Made from high-quality white stone,
  • Available in various sizes,
  • Height 40mm base, 60mm at the lip.
  • Surface finish: Slate pattern


We know that in order to make your bathroom perfect, there must be special attention paid to the little details; and this contemporary Rectangular Shower Tray is the perfect addition to your bathroom for that exact reason.


The contemporary shape of this particular model is made to be versatile, neutral, but dazzling; and it can be places practically anywhere in your modern bathroom! With this shower tray, you don need to hide your shower behind  heavy curtain. Now you can show it off with pride.


On that note, you can show it off and make it shine by using it with one of out Shower Enclosures of the same size and shape, and truly update your bathroom in two simple and easy steps! Feel free to slide over to our shower enclosure page, and find the perfect shower enclosure for you.


Benefits of Installing this Rectangular Shower Tray

  • This shower tray is not only beautiful, but it will continue to look beautiful throughout the years because it is made from high quality, durable acrylic. Also, thanks to the acrylic material, it will be easier than ever to clean and keep looking amazing.


  • It comes in two different sizes which means that you'll be able to find the perfect fit for your space and your shower. Also, if you already have a shower enclosure that suits your preferences and needs, and is the same size, you can surely find the perfect fit in this Rectangular Shower Tray.
  • This model guarantees a leak free experience every day, and will never develop any leakage or cracks. The same cannot be said with tedious tiling, so this is a much better option.
  • We know that many modern Irish people work long hours, so we also considered offering a product which was very easy to install. So you will find that installing this shower tray is as easy as ever, and won take any unnecessary time.
  • In addition to this, you will not have to spend any time repairing or re-grouting tiles. You're guaranteed to have a seamless experience all day, every day; and you won ever have to worry about leakage or spilling.

Waste Trap Not Included

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