The Lucano 200 is a gorgeous quadrant shower enclosure featuring a hinged door that is designed for a designated corner space in your bathroom. The door is both minimal and sleek with a beautiful handle and 

  • Hinge Door Rounded Quadrant Shower
  • Glass Thickness- 8mm Nano Tempered Glass (Easy Clean)
  • Available in various widths and lengths
  • Height - 1900mm
  • Universal Fitting
  • 20mm Adjustment For Out Of True Walls

The Lucano 200 is ideal for those that enjoy elegance but also like simplicity and minimalism in their bathroom designs. This unit features a beautiful hinged door that was designed to fit flawlessly in a designated corner shower area and adds a dazzling elegant touch to your bathroom suite. With this quadrant shower enclosure, it matters not if your bathroom is old or new, spacious or small; it will add ease of use, functionality and beauty like no other.


The Benefits of the Quadrant Shower Enclosure


Although the beauty of a shower enclosure is more than important; having a unit that is fully functional and high quality is simply a must. The quality of materials used to create a unit and its smart design will determine the satisfaction of the user. These requirements were taken in to close consideration when designing the Lucano 200 and the results are a gorgeous shower enclosure that offers benefits and beauty simultaneously.


Long-Lasting - This quadrant shower enclosure is made to look gorgeous for years to come and withstand years of use; this is possible due to its high quality materials. Its safety glass is sturdy and strong and its metal framing is designed to withstand weight and use. With this unit, you will be able to have a bathroom suite that looks gorgeous far in to the future.


Space-Saving - This unit is categorized as a ‘corner shower enclosure’; meaning that it is made to fit seamlessly in a corner area without taking up unnecessary space. This makes it perfect for both spacious bathrooms and smaller bathrooms. Its pivoted doors will allow you to access your shower with ease but will not use the precious space you have in vain.


Easy to Clean - For modern bathrooms, there is nothing better than a shower enclosure that requires little to no maintenance; and that is exactly what the Lucano 200 is. This unit is made with ‘easy clean’ glass that allows water stains, bathroom products, soaps and other imperfection to simply slide off with ease; leaving your shower enclosure looking brand new without the need of tedious cleaning routines.


Safe - The Lucano 200 is made with high quality toughened safety glass that will withstand years of use and ensure your safety. Its strong metal framing and sturdy mounting brackets hold the unit in place and allow you to feel comfortable and safe in your new dazzling shower.


The Quadrant Shower Enclosure - Ideal for a Modern Home


Due to the fact this quadrant shower enclosure is made to add an elegant finishing touch and offer ease of use and functionality like no other; we believe that it is one of the best options on the market today for a modern Irish home. Many have already claimed the Lucano 200 as their favourite and we want you to be just as comfortable and satisfied in your bathroom suite.