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Modern Sink Bowl

Bathroom Store Select

This compact yet stylish modern sink bowl is guaranteed to work perfectly in any contemporary bathroom space, especially if you have limited room to work with. 

  • Compact, versatile and chic design,
  • 3 year warranty included with your purchase,
  • Made from white ceramic,
  • Made with a high gloss finish,
  • Counter-top bowl. 

Not Included: Tap, Waste Plug, Waste Bottle


Product Name

Modern Sink Bowl | M04

Main Colour



Swiss Liniger







Sink Type

Bowl, Counter Top





No Tap Hole, No Overflow, Counter Top

Waste Outlet Location



Waste Outlet Diameter



Waste Outlet Width



Waste Required





Bathroom, Cloakroom, En Suite

Tap Hole Location



Tap Hole Diameter



Tap Hole Outlet





Basin Only


This beautifully designed counter-top basin was carefully constructed and manufactured to fit a modern bathroom suite seamlessly. The Bathroom Store team took their time to design this modern sink bowl and the results are fantastic. This unit is made with high quality white ceramic and it boasts a chic and elegant style; its high gloss finish adds a perfect touch of freshness to a bathroom suite and allows it to fit in flawlessly with other modern bathroom furniture pieces.


We are more than proud to say that this bathroom basin is one of the best options on the market today due to its high-quality materials and excellent style. It is sure to amaze visitors and will complete the contemporary look you are trying to achieve. Although its beauty should not go unnoticed, its efficiency and quality also makes it a must-have for a modern bathroom.


The Modern Sink Bowl - Gorgeous and Efficient

Although the style and design of a bathroom sink is the first thing that comes to mind when searching for the perfect unit; the efficiency and quality of a bathroom basin is also more than important. For a modern a bathroom, a basin has to work seamlessly and also look dazzling; this is something that we always take into close consideration when designing our bathroom sinks, and this modern ceramic basin is no different.


Long-Lasting - A high-quality basin should work efficiently and flawlessly for years to come; no one wants to worry about difficult maintenance or flaws. With this modern sink bowl, you will not have to worry about maintenance; its high quality make and material ensures flawless performance for years to come. It will look gorgeous far in the future; making it perfect for a modern bathroom suite.


Space-Saving - The Bathroom Store team designed this modern sink bowl to look gorgeous in both a spacious bathroom and a non-spacious bathroom. They understand that not all bathroom suites have room to spear and they designed this basin to fit flawlessly in all types and sizes of bathrooms. With this unit, you will not have to worry about finding enough space for the basin of your dreams; it was carefully designed to fit your bathroom faultlessly.


We are more than confident that this unit will satisfy all your needs and complete your modern bathroom like no other. Its high quality make and beautiful design will ensure quality performance for years to come; making it one of the best options on the market today.


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