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Mexen Lena Rico Sofia Carmen Slim Toilet Seat - 39050100

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Mexen toilet seats made of duroplast meet all requirements. First of all, they are very hygienic - it is easy to keep them clean and they are resistant to discoloration. Duroplast is very durable and strong, resistant to scratches. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry that the toilet seat will simply break after some time of use. Duroplast in its composition contains antibacterial substances. What you need to pay special attention to is the number of household members who will use the board. Mexen products are so durable that even daily, very intensive use will not affect their appearance and properties. Additionally, duroplast is quite hard. Thanks to this, it does not deform under the influence of weight and there is no fear that it will become uncomfortable over time. Mexen toilet seats are exactly matched to the toilet bowls and compacts available in our offer.

Technical Details

Type : slow-closing
Material : duroplast
Easy release : yes
Metal hinges : yes
Slim version : yes
The boards in this series are suitable for bowls with a length :
Lena, Rico, Sofia - 48 cm
Carmen - 49 cm