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Mexen Omega Shower Enclosure 8mm Transparent Glass with Chrome Finish

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easy clean glasscoated glass8mm glass

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Omega Shower Enclosure

The Omega shower enclosure is the ultimate barely-there style. Truly minimalistic, Omega shower cabin will seduce you with its high quality and exceptional functionality.

Strong tempered glass and slim profiles

The secret of sleek Omega shower cabin design is hidden in its construction. The 8 mm transparent tempered glass is extremely safe and durable. The ephemeral look was achieved by using a chrome flash finish on aluminum profiles and metal handle.

Subtle design makes a difference in the bathroom

The Omega shower stands out thanks to its ultimately slim look. The perfect compilation of minimalistic style and fine craft can be found in the whole Omega range.

Technical data

  • Mounting: universal (right of left)
  • Opening method: sliding
  • Finish: chrome flash
  • Type of glass: safe, tempered
  • Glass color: transparent
  • Glass thickness: 8 mm
  • Coating for easy cleaning: yes
  • Leveling wall irregularities: yes
  • Width adjustment: yes
  • Can be installed on a shower tray or tiles: Yes
  • Profile: aluminum
  • High-quality double rollers
  • Metal handle
  • A set of gaskets draining water included
  • Aluminum door sealing threshold

Adjustment range (mm.):

  • Doors (B min-max): -15/+0
  • Wall (C min-max): -5/+5