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Mexen Cube Bath And Shower Mixer

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Product Details:

Bathroom taps for showers and baths are a modern alternative for your bathroom. This single unit controls the water for both outlets in one clean attachment. Here we have a variety of shower and bath taps with a built-in thermostat. It is a unique device that helps regulate the temperature of the water, while at the same time effectively protects against sudden temperature changes. These shower and bath thermostats allow you to have one device to control the water for both the shower head and your main bath. They are wall mounted and come in a variety of beautiful colours that will suit any home.‚

Technical Information:

  • Model Number: Mexen Cube Thermostatic Bath and Shower Mixer


  • Material: Brass body
  • Type of spout: Mobile
  • Head: Thermostatic
  • Shower connection: G 3/4 "(top) and G 1/2" (bottom)
  • Hot water blockage at 38 ‚° C
  • Built in bath tap
  • 2‚ Shower outlets
  • Wall mounted