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Mexen Alexa Shower Mixer

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Technical Information:

  • Model Number: Mexen Alexa Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Product Details:

A thermostatic shower mixer takes hot and cold water from separate sources and mixes them together to create the perfect temperature for your shower. Our valves come with a built-in thermostat and temperature control locked to 38 degrees celsius to ensure you are always safe when using the shower. This mixer comes as a single unit and can be connected to any suitable shower head. The stylish bar design of this model will make a statement in any bathroom or en-suite. There is 1 shower connection available on this valve to use with fixed overhead or handheld shower heads.


  • Material: Brass body
  • Head: Thermostatic
  • 1 Shower connections
  • Shower connection: G 1/2 "(bottom)
  • Hot water blockage at 38° C
  • Temperature control
  • Flow control
  • Wall mounted