We present you with a beautiful and highly functional cabin corner model, the Lorenzo 6. This product will perfectly with your bathroom space while maintaining an unusual appearance and aesthetics of the interior.

Choosing the right size from our range, you will perfectly adapt the cabin to the space in your bathroom.



  • 1 wall: from 700mm to 1200mm
  • 2 wall: from 700mm to 1200mm



  • Glass: tempered 8 mm
  • Coating: Easy Clean (applied on both sides)
  • Profiles: aluminum / chrome
  • Mounting: universal L / R
  • Regulation range: - 2cm


The Lorenzo 6 is an elegant modern design, timeless minimalism design. All these features perfectly define the Lorenzo 6 shower enclosure. It is made of safe 8mm toughened glass with Easy Clean coating in a colorless color. Thanks to the variety of sizes available, it is an ideal product for every bathroom.